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We now know when the TI11 Battle Pass will come out

By Steven Rondina


Aug 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

UPDATE: The TI11 Battle Pass is here, make sure to check out the incoming arcanas and hero personas

The International 2022 Battle Pass is coming out in the immediate future. Here are the details and release date for the TI11 Battle Pass.

The TI11 Battle Pass is the biggest highlight of the year for most Dota 2 players. Valve has largely stopped releasing major updates to the game outside of the buildup to The International. Where there were once rolling events like Wraith-Night and The Greeviling to introduce new content, everything is now crammed into the battle pass.

2021 was a unique year as Valve decided to cancel The International 2020 and used that opportunity to release a bunch of smaller events with smaller versions of the TI Battle Pass. The traditional battle pass is back on its way for 2022, and we know when it’s coming.

TI11 Battle Pass will come out September 1

The International 2022 Battle Pass will come out on September 1. This was confirmed as part of the reveal of Dota 2 version 7.32, and was confirmed on Twitter by Wykrhm Reddy:

The battle pass is coming out much later than it traditionally does. In years past, the battle pass has dropped in late May and ran through the event itself which normally takes place in August. Valve went in a different direction this year. The publisher announced that the battle pass would come out later in the year, allowing it to run for an additional month after the event’s conclusion. 

The big question at the moment is how the money will be distributed. It’s unknown whether the money that comes in from the battle pass will be added to the event’s prize pool and distributed after, rolled into the following Dota Pro Circuit season, or whether it might just be pocketed by Valve. Details will likely come with the official release.

What will be in the TI11 Battle Pass?

It’s unknown what exactly will be included in The International 2022 Battle Pass.

Valve has put a great deal of effort into making each TI battle pass a grandiose affair, adding new content each year. The TI10 Battle Pass had three arcana skins, two hero personas, a limited-time game mode, and the usual roundup of Immortal Treasures. With each year being bigger than the last, fans can likely expect all these features to return, with the possibility of even more.