TI11 Battle Pass adds gender-bent Phantom Assassin hero persona

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Hero personas make big changes to Dota 2 heroes, and the upcoming Crystal Maiden and Phantom Assassin sets in the TI11 Battle Pass are among the biggest twists yet.

Getting an arcana announced for your favorite hero is fun, but there’s only so much Valve can do with the hero in their current state. Personas are where Dota 2 designers get to go all-out, transforming heroes into completely different states. The new persona revealed for the TI11 Battle Pass are among the biggest transformations yet. Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming personas about to spice up the safe lane.

Crystal Maiden persona turns her into a wolf

Crystal Maiden’s upcoming Conduit of the Blueheart persona is the biggest change for any exclusive cosmetic. While Invoker turns into a kid and Anti-Mage becomes an entirely different person, it appears that the new CM persona turns her into a wolf. The image shows a mystical Blueheart wolf with the iconic support behind it. 

Crystal Maiden personas TI 2022 battle pass

Unfortunately, that’s the only image we have for the upcoming release. Both of the personas in the 2022 Dota 2 battle pass are not coming out on the initial release. Crystal Maiden’s Conduit of the Blueheart is specifically set to come out in part two after The International 2022 ends. For now, players can get their passes up to 148 to secure it before it drops.

Mystery Phantom Assassin hero persona coming in TI11 Battle Pass 

While Crystal Maiden’s is a little mysterious, Phantom Assassin’s is much more so. Exile Unveiled replaces Mortred with an entirely new character who doesn’t appear to exist in current Dota 2 lore. The lore splurge states that he was hunted by the Veiled Sisters for some time, possibly learning their tactics from his would-be assassins.

Phantom Assassin personas TI 2022 battle pass

Whoever he turns out to be, Dota 2 players will need to shell out a pretty penny to get both personas from the TI 2022 battle pass. Exile Unveiled is unlocked at level 296. While it is not immediately available, it is not scheduled for a release during part two. Exile Unveiled should come out sometime in the following weeks before The International 2022 in Singapore.


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