TI11 Battle Pass adds arcanas for Faceless Void and Razor

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Arcanas are a Dota 2 battle pass tradition, and the TI11 Battle Pass doesn’t disappoint with arcanas for Faceless Void and Razor and hero personas on the way.

Faceless Void and Razor are both getting an arcana in the new battle passs. Faceless Void’s Claszian Apostasy turns him into a Lovecraftian creature while Razor’s Voidstorm Asylum grants him a full set of armor and a new weapon. Here are all the images of the new arcanas and how to get them when they release.

Faceless Void arcana turns him into Cthulhu

Faceless Void is a popular community pick for arcanas, and Valve has finally delivered with Claszian Apostasy. The headpiece turns Faceless’ head into a tentacle creature complete with bashes that summon tentacles from the earth while Chronosphere gets a flashy deep sea effect. As with most arcanas, it also completely changes the hero’s sounds and voice lines. 

Faceless Void arcana TI 2022 battle pass

In addition to the purple base style, the Faceless Void arcana also has an unlockable second style from getting kills and assists during Chronosphere. Each kill and assist adds to the point total, and 250 points will unlock a new style. The new form turns his skin grey with blue pulsating lights arranged like veins. It’s a cool look, though anyone looking to acquire it will have to spend a lot of time and money.

Faceless Void arcana TI 2022 battle pass

To get the new Faceless Void arcana, players will need to purchase the new Dota 2 battle pass and level up similar to previous exclusive arcanas. Faceless Void is the star arcana of launch, and it requires 495 total levels to unlock. That’s halfway to the coveted level 1,000 mark, but there’s another arcana to pick up along the way.

Razor arcana coming in part 2 of TI11 Battle Pass

In addition to Faceless Void, Razor will also be getting a new arcana in the TI11 Battle Pass. Voidstorm Asylum is a completely different take on the hero, showing the robotic whip-wielder as more of a traditional knight. He wields a sword and shield instead of his usual weapon of choice, meaning this could be a future or past version of the Narrow Maze’s guardian.

Razor arcana TI 2022 battle pass

However, Razor spammers may be disappointed to learn that this arcana won’t be available until likely after The International 2022. It is scheduled for “part two” of the battle pass as part of Valve’s new timeline for the battle pass. Still, fans know that Voidstorm Asylum will be unlocked at level 383.


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