VCT Champions 2021

VCT Champions 2021 schedule, prize pool, teams, and more

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 3, 2021

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The Valorant Champions Tour has reached its final stage as Riot Games comes closer to finding the best Valorant team in the world at the prestigious stage of the VCT Champions 2021 event in Berlin. 

The Valorant Champions Tour is a year-long global circuit featuring three levels of competition: Challengers, Masters, and Champions. The first Valorant major was initiated in 2020, and Riot Games has since unearthed unmatched talent via multiple regional finals held worldwide. The circuit is now wrapping up in Berlin, and here’s everything you need to know about the Valorant Champions schedule, venue, streams, and more. 

The four groups for the VCT Champions group stage.

Group A

  • Send
  • Team Envy 
  • Vivo Keyd
  • X10 Esports

Group B

  • Sentinels
  • Team Liquid
  • KRU Esports

Group C

  •  Gambit
  • Crazy Raccoon
  • Team Secret
  • Team Vikings

Group D

  • Vision Strikers
  • Fnatic
  • Cloud9
  • Full Sense

VCT Champions 2021 format explained

Taking place from December 1-12, the event features sixteen teams. Twelve have qualified through their performance during the regular season and four through the Last Chance Qualifiers in October. These 16 teams have been broken into four groups. Only two teams will advance out of each group into a double-elimination round. 

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Eight teams that progress further into the playoff series and will be divided into a single-eliminate bracket. All matches from here on will be played as best-of-three series, with the exception of the best-of-five grand finals series.

Valorant Champions 2021 schedule 

The event began on December 1 and will run till December 12. 

Group Stage

December 1

  • Vision Strikers 2-0 Full Sense 
  • Vikings 2-0 Crazy Raccoon
  • Fnatic 2-1 Cloud9

December 2

  • Gambit 2-1 Team Secret
  • Sentinels 2-1 FURIA
  • Liquid 2-0 KRU

December 3

  • And VS Vivo Keyd
  • Envy VS X10
  • Vision Strikers VS Fnatic

December 4 

  • Liquid VS Sentinels
  • Group A winners match
  • Team Vikings VS Gambit

December 5

  • Group Closers match
  • Group B losers match
  • Group D losers match

December 6

  • Group A losers match
  • Group B deciders match
  • Group D deciders match

December 7

  • Group C deciders match
  • Group A deciders match

December 8

  • Quarterfinals
  • Quarterfinals

December 9

  • Quarterfinals
  • Quarterfinals

December 11

  • Semifinals
  • Semifinals

December 12

  • Grand finals (best-of-five)

VCT Champions venue and prize pool

The major event is taking place in Berlin, where 16 teams will lock horns for the lion’s share of $1 million USD, the largest prize pool seen to date in Valorant. The winner will take away USD$ 350,000, whereas all participants will receive a share of half of the revenue generated by the Champions skin bundle in Valorant.

How to watch VCT Champions 2021?

Valorant fans can watch the VCT Champions 2021 streams online on YouTube and Twitch. Players will also receive exclusive Twitch loot drops by watching the live streams.