How to get Valorant gun buddies from Prime Gaming loot

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has announced a brand new gun buddy, “Outta this World,” for owners of an Amazon Prime account. Here’s how to claim the latest Valorant Prime Gaming loot.

November has been an exciting month for Valorant fans. To celebrate its first biggest event VCT Champions, Riot Games rolled out plenty of exclusive in-game items for players to shop through. From VCT dad hats to an extravagant karambit, the developer has gone all out to commemorate its biggest esports event so far. 

How to claim Valorant Outta this World gun buddy

Riot Games has brought yet another surprise for Valorant players in Outta this World gun buddy that can be claimed through the Twitch Prime Gaming account. 

The latest charm is a tiny alien cooped up inside a shiny blue UFO, flying the saucer to the outer world. The circular gun buddy would pair well with recent weapon releases like Arcane Sherrif, Magepunk Areas, and more. Players can grab the exclusive item by following these simple steps. 

How to get Valorant Prime Gaming loot drops

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Valorant players will first need to connect their Riot Games account to an account with an active Prime Gaming subscription.

To link your accounts:

  • Follow this link and enter your Riot Games ID.
  • Go back to the Prime Gaming page.

If you’ve already linked your account, you can skip this step and move to the Valorant page on the website. 

  • Pick the Valorant page on the Prime Gaming website. A new Valorant card will appear if there are any active rewards. 
  • Log into your Prime Gaming account.
  • Click on the Claim Now” button next to your reward.
  • Run Valorant.
  • Click on the collections tab and sift through the cards to equip the freshly unlocked gun buddy. 

What is Valorant Prime Gaming loot? 

Riot Games announced its partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming to bring exclusive rewards for those players with a Prime Gaming account. The developer occasionally introduces unique sprays, cards, and other in-game content that can only be acquired through a subscription. 

The latest Outta this World gun buddy is one of the many charms that Riot has offered for prime users, including the previous Hot Take gun buddy, a Formation player card, the Pity Party spray, and more. It’s unknown how long the newest gun buddy will stay on the website, but these rewards are usually available for just a month before they are replaced by something new. So be quick and grab yours now via Prime Gaming.