Valorant agent

Valorant teases upcoming agent that may shake up the meta

By Olivia Richman


Jun 23, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players have been given a massive agent teaser.

Earlier today, the official Valorant Twitter account shared a short clip of Cypher doing some investigative work on his computer. The text reads: “Sova, Cypher here. I’ve decrypted the dossiers. We’ve got weapons experts, extraction specialists… The whole team’s made up of elite hunters. Except one… a Kingdom scientist. I’ll keep digging.”

The Valorant community believes this tweet is packed with a bunch of information about upcoming agents.

Who are the upcoming agents in Valorant?

Deadlock is the next agent coming to Valorant in 2023. The female Sentinel has a prosthetic arm similar to Breach and has been described as “stylish” in appearance. The map control-focused agent is coming in Episode 7 in just a few days.

But it looks like she’s not the only agent that will be released this year.

Valorant developers have already shared that there will be two new agents in 2023, meaning another is coming after Deadlock. But who?

The most recent teaser may hold some answers. The team of elite hunters includes a lot of interesting characters, including the so-called Kingdom scientist. This agent was shown on Cypher’s computer, wearing glasses, a beanie, and a thick, fur-lined winter jacket.

Unfortunately, not much else has been revealed but it sounds like he may have tracking or hacking capabilities that have left Cypher and Sova feeling threatened. The Valorant community is also hoping this is the case, stating that they will welcome an agent that makes Cypher and Sova’s pick rate decline. Others hoped that the upcoming agent has a trip wire or something else “similar” to the other two agents to keep the game balanced.