Valorant agent Deadlock is similar to this League of Legends champion

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 22, 2023

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Valorant Agent 23 release date is merely days away, and leaks are picking pace. We now know the icy nature of her toolkit, thanks to League of Legends.

Valorant Episode 7 is slated for June 28. The upcoming act will mark the entrance of brand new Agent 23, battle pass, team deathmatch, and a wealth of new content. So far, not much is known about the new agent, but Leakers claim she’s similar to a League of Legends champion.

According to reputable leaker ValorantLeaksEN, Agent 23 will have an ability like LoL’s Lissandra. For the unaware, Lissandra is an ice witch who fuels her kit with the pure power of ice, freezing and damaging her opponents. 

What are Deadlock’s abilities?

Agent 23 is rumored to be named Deadlock, and according to Leakers, she’d have freezing powers.

Teasers for Agent 23 point towards a freezing chamber and tornados. The recent reaction of pro players further confirmed that the upcoming Sentinel would have a lot of traps that aid in crowd control. But, besides that, nothing else was confirmed, and players were left wondering about the ice references.

Valorant agent Deadlock

Reportedly hailing from Norwegia, Deadlock is rumored to have an ice-cold personality and an even colder toolkit. Data miners say she’s most similar to Lissandra, particularly having at least one ability similar to the Champion’s ultimate Frozen Tomb. 

If that’s true, Deadlock would be able to freeze her targets and stun them simultaneously. She may also be able to encase herself in dark ice, healing herself while becoming invulnerable. This case would then emanate from the target dealing magic damage to enemies and slowing Move Speed. While all of this sounds awesome, no other agent in Valorant has an ultimate as powerful as Lissandra. So, Riot may likely tone it down to suit the game’s meta. 

Lissandra’s ultimate is split into two modes, and mode one seems more on beat with Valorant, where she only locks an enemy under ice and slows them. It also aligns with what Riot has previously shared about Deadlock: The agent would stop the enemies “dead in [their] tracks.” So far, no one has said anything about healing. Even the pro players were more fixated on her “tornadoes” and “traps.” 

The exact nature of her traps is unknown, but it’d likely be an interactive grenade that turns into a net upon hitting an object. This was leaked a few days ago in a short description, which read as follows: “The technological frisbee landed into a wall, cleverly threw a grenade to weave a net, and the ring was ready to wrap the enemy around.”

Who is Valorant Agent 23? 

Valorant Agent 23 is a female Sentinel. Lore-wise, she’s a Kingdom scientist with Norwegian roots. According to leakers, our new Sentinel has a prosthetic arm similar to Breach, which helps her control her abilities on the battlefield, like Harbor. 

Agent 23 enters Valorant on June 28. 


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