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Valorant SMG Spectre quietly nerfed in patch 5.12

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 8, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

While everyone was busy stressing over the upcoming protocol-wide nerfs, Riot Games quietly nerfed the eco-round power weapon in Valorant, Spectre. 

Patch 5.12 was a big one. It included nerfs and buffs for 15 Valorant agents and meta-shaking changes for Chamber. Leakers had dug out almost everything packed in the patch, but one small detail had slipped from keen-eyed players. Riot has quietly nerfed Valorant’s most-valuable thrift weapon, Spectre. 

Spectre was the mini-Phantom for ace aimers. Picking up the SMG would boost the odds of winning an eco instantly, making it a powerful weapon. But it might see a drop in the pick rate after patch 5.12. 

What are the Spectre nerfs in Valorant? 

Spectre Valorant

Spread and control remain the same, but Riot has tweaked how the weapon works in different ranges. Players may find it challenging to hit objects in long range. Here are the new distances and body shot damage. 

  • Added a third damage range to the Spectre and updated distances. 
    • 0-15m, 26 damage.
    • 15m-30m, 22 damage.
    • 30m+, 20 damage.
  • For reference, the old ranges and damages were:
    • 0-20m, 26 damage.
    • 20m+, 22 damage.

There’s clearly a significant disparity between previous and current ranges. The SMG might become less viable on large maps like Haven and Ascent. But, it will remain the more sensible option as compared to other cheap guns. So, while this is undoubtedly a big nerf, players with crisp aim may not find it game-changing. 

What is game-changing is the other updates in patch 5.12. From Chamber to Skye, Riot has tweaked almost all Valorant changes. Players must adjust to a new meta at the end of episode 5, act 3. 

Is Spectre OP in Valorant? 

The Spectre is one of the most overpowered budget-friendly weapons in Valorant. The SMG is accurate in both long and short-range, making it a no-brainer pick in half-buy rounds. Some players may even prefer this SMG instead of rifles as it saves money and delivers the same results in close quarters.