Valorant’s deadliest weapon confirmed by Riot Games

By Olivia Richman


Jan 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games closed out 2020 in the best way possible; with stats about its game! 

In a recent Twitter post, Valorant developers shared some interesting weapon facts. Topping that list was that the Vandal beat out the Phantom and Spectre “as this year’s deadliest weapon.” The weapon earned this superlative based on the number of kills it has racked up since the game’s launch. 

The Vandal has long been held up as the best rifle in the game thanks to its high damage per bullet and minimal damage reduction at long range. There’s no surprise that this fully automatic weapon accumulated the most eliminations of any gun in 2020. Even though it has a slower rate of fire, the weapon is deadly in the hands of a mechanically gifted sharpshooter. One well-placed headshot will kill an enemy agent. 

Following the Vandal were the Phantom and Spectre. The Phantom has become a popular weapon to swap with the Vandal, depending on the current map and situation. The Phantom excels at closer range, making it a better option for rush-down situations and ambushing the opposing team. The silenced weapon deals massive damage at close range. 

The Spectre is an SMG that also deals impressive damage up close. It’s cheaper than the aforementioned rifles, meaning players who can’t afford the Vandal or Phantom can often opt for the Spectre with successful results. Still, many were surprised to see it so high up on the list. A lot of Twitter feedback revolved around Valorant players echoing that they never purchased the Spectre. 

For a while, the Operator sniper rifle was considered dangerously OP, but it didn’t live up to that expectation and missed out on the top three thanks to continued nerfs and changes. Its steep price also kept it from racking up kills as quickly as the Vandal, as it carries one of the highest price tags in the game. 

Since Riot is always adjusting and balancing weapons, other weapons might rise up in the future. New weapons might also be added to future updates. 


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