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Valorant players are bored of stale map pool

By Olivia Richman


Apr 21, 2024

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Valorant players are getting bored of the shooter due to the game’s map rotation.

Episode Eight Act 1 was the last time there was a change to the map pool in Riot’s colorful FPS. On January 9, 2024, players were able to queue up into any of the seven maps at random but had no option for selecting a specific map to play on.

Gamers have grown tired of the Valorant map pool feeling repetitive and stale. Now, they’re calling on Riot to do something about it.

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Valorant map pool has gamers frustrated

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The map pool became a source of frustration for players on April 20 when a Reddit thread was started. Many called for there to be changes to how the map pool works.

One gamer noted that developers probably wanted new players to get used to the maps faster but worried that people would simply “grow tired” of the available maps instead.

Long-time players agreed, noting that maps they once felt were their favorites they now dreaded due to how often they had to play on them. The repetitive nature of the map pool has started to bore many gamers.

Some wondered why Riot didn’t make other maps available in unranked modes — maybe this would make it feel less repetitive for long-time players. But even games like Counter-Strike 2 let you pick and ban maps in Premier mode or even pick favored maps in Competitive. So why not in Valorant, too?