Valorant map Split

Valorant map Split returns, here’s everything we know about it

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Split is returning in Valorant episode 6 act 1, replacing the dusty battleground of Bind. Here’s everything you need to know to win on Split. 

Split was part of Project: A and was easily one of the best maps. However, it had a surprisingly low play rate in pro games. So, when Riot rolled out Pearl, one had to go to accommodate the eighth map, and Split took the fall. After months of player requests, Riot has finally decided to add it back into the map pool, so it’s worth knowing a few things about Split.

Where is Split located?

The corporate area seeping into a chill neighborhood is set in the alpha earth Tokyo, Japan. Before Kingdom set up its offices here, Split was a calm society where people lived peacefully. Now, it’s a funny amalgam of plazas and shiny offices, developing into old-school homes and flats. 

What are the best agents to run on Split? 

Valorant agents

Split can be a tricky location to tackle if you’re too aggressive or passive. Finding a balanced approach is crucial to winning on this enclosed map. For this same reason, not every agent will shine on the map. We have listed the best agents for Split that’ll help control the pace. Pick whichever of these agents best suits your style in Valorant. 

  • Jett (Duelist)
  • Omen (Controller)
  • Skye (Initiator)
  • KAY-O (Initiator)
  • Killjoy (Sentinel)

Is Phantom the best rifle on Split? 

Due to Split’s small size, you’ll often find yourself engaged in close-range duels. For this reason, it’s best to swap your Vandal for Phantom whenever you play Split. Besides a few angles, all fights in this locale call for a spray-efficient weapon like Phantom.

Vandal can also work in select locations, but you may struggle if you haven’t practiced spraying down. It can be pretty tricky to spray with a Vandal. Conversely, Phantom can help take down aggressive enemies with its larger magazine cut out for sprays. 

What’s new in Valorant map Split? 

Split is returning, but it may look different from how players left it in episode 4, act 3. Leakers and fans are theorizing that Riot has significantly changed the map designs. Unofficial images showcase an entirely distinct map, suggesting that players must prepare for a curveball.

Design-wise, Split didn’t need many tweaks. However, attacking B site was a tall order due to an enclosed alley, which would become a lion’s den if the enemy team had a Killjoy. Similar to Icebox, the one-site disbalance is also an issue on Split. So, it won’t be a surprise if Riot rolls out layout balances for B-site.