Vandal or Phantom? Valorant agent Viper has a preference

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 14, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The infamous Vandal vs. Phantom debate may have died down for a bit, but Viper’s Valorant takeover has reignited it yet again. 

A whole year after the game’s release, players still can’t seem to find common ground for primary rifles. Valorant’s arsenal features two rifles, and both have their own fanbase. A new official poll proves that despite a well-developed meta, players are still torn between the two weapons. 

Riot Games has started an agent series, which provides a better look inside animated characters’ lives. Most recently, Viper took over the Valorant Twitter, piquing player interest. But, a particular twist in the story has torched a new argument. 

In Viper’s story, the players are her assistant who must make the right choices to impress their new boss. The players managed to make all the correct choices, but one poll has caused a bit of discord. Fans failed to come to common ground when asked to pick Viper’s weapon. Almost exactly 50% of players chose the Vandal for her. The other half went for the Phantom, starting the same old argument anew. 

Thankfully, Viper seems to have a clear preference. After a whole day of back and forth, the Phantom came out as the better pick for the controller by a small margin. While the difference is almost negligible, players finally get a solid answer after an official poll. 

While the Vandal may be the more accurate weapon, it makes sense why the Phantom wins for an agent like Viper. Controller players often find themselves in close-range battles, which forces them to spray down. The Phantom is comparatively better at spraying with its higher rate of fire, making it the best pick for Viper. Moreover, it’s easier to finish off enemies wounded by poison using the Phantom’s fire rate. 

Which is better, the Phantom or Vandal?

The official Valorant poll has proven that there are more Phantom users, but it sure doesn’t prove that it’s a better weapon. Both the Vandal and Phantom are viable rifles based on the situation. 

For long-range duels on an agent like Sage, a one-tap cannon like the Vandal is preferable. However, an aggressive duelist like Jett may benefit from the Phantom since it does higher DPS in close-range battles. Whatever the case, both rifles are valuable, and there’s no way to resolve this argument. The weapon pick depends more on personal playstyle and the agent that is being played.