These are the best and worst Valorant maps in Episode 3

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 1, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Riot Games continue to expand the Valorant map pool by delivering unique locations in each episode. After three episodes, Valorant has seven maps as developers prepare the players for more to come. 

Riot Games has the habit of modifying game meta with the release of the new map. The developer introduces a new mechanic in every new map, heavily impacting the agent pick rate. While most of these features were an instant success, Fracture has the player base on the fence. 

Here’s how the map ranking looks after Episode 3 Act 2.

1- Split continues to be the best

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Fracture’s release didn’t budge Split from its top spot. The office-like location continues to be the best in Valorant for its impeccable indoor-outdoor balance and layout that lets all agents shine through. 

A risky middle area with Spike points that are tough to break open makes Split your ideal first-person shooter map. Both sides have an equal chance of winning on this location as it forces agents to put their aim to the test. 

2- Breeze brings underrated agents to fore 

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When Riot Games introduced Breeze, Yoru was believed to be a no-good agent, whereas Viper was still looking for her “main map.” This new vast location allowed both of these agents to shine, quickly becoming their home turf. 

The tropical island is exceptionally balanced. It also brings variations to the overall Valorant map pool and agent selection with its long alleys, vast areas, and double-mid. Without Breeze, Valorant meta would have looked different in the current patches. 

3- Icebox after rework is better

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Players had mixed feelings about the icy tundra, but the recent update that solidifies Radianite boxes has convinced players of Icebox’s greatness. 

The location has close corners, tight choke points, and a vast point B that favors whoever has the best strategies. This location can be pugged-away if you have a crisp aim but executes always come in handy, especially on its complex point B. 

4- Ascent is the perfect FPS map

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Ascent has a unique automatic door feature, but it is still the most traditional FPS map in Valorant. 

Players love this simple yet complex location for its expansive bomb points divided by a vast middle area. Teams must bring a blend of thought-out strategies and crisp aim in order to win a game on Ascent. The classic location calls for strategic depth, making it an enjoyable map. 

5- Fracture adds variety to Valorant

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While many hate the new Valorant map Fracture, it’s actually not the worst. Gameplay-wise, the location brings tons of variety to Valorant gameplay. 

Fracture will force players to adopt new strategies, communicate with teammates, and pick new agents in order to win. Its H-shape design might make it a pain to play, but the layout is at par with some of the best maps in Valorant.

5- Bind’s teleporters are a killjoy

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Bind continues to be at the bottom for its confusing layout that makes it tough to defend a site. While rotating sites is easier due to the small size of Bind, attackers often abuse the TPs to troll. 

7- Haven is the worst Valorant map 

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Triple bomb point layout on Haven failed to hit the mark for lower rank players. While this site is a breeze on the attacker side, defense becomes impossible in solo queues.