Valorant Episode 4, Act 2 battle pass rewards revive Widejoy

Fariha Bhatti • February 26, 2022 10:52 am

The infamous “Widejoy” Killjoy card is back. Riot Games has rejuvenated the bugged banner in Valorant episode 4 act 2 battle pass. 

Act 1 is finally wrapping up and new rewards for the next season have already been leaked. While all items are interesting, players are delighted by Widejoy’s return. One of the player cards includes a memorial for the bugged banner that Riot Games removed. 

The battle pass rewards an homage to the infamous card featuring Killjoy.

Widejoy became a reality in Episode 2, Act 2, titled “Rainfall.” The player card was featured standard art, but it stretched hilariously as soon as the screen switched for loading. A glitch caused it to appear extra wide, which eventually became a hit meme among the players. Riot’s removal of the bug wasn’t well-received by the players. The new patch has brought her back in a better card. 

The brand new banner features Killjoy looking at her image on a rainy day. The poster also features the viral hashtag “SaveWidejoy.” The new player card has memorialized the popular meme in a great way. 

Valorant Episode 4, Act 2 rewards also include Bane, Divine Swine, and Striker skins

Alongside unique player cards that shine a light on the daily life of Valorant agents, the battle pass also includes new skins. These affordable but stylish skins can be obtained by spending just 1,000 Valorant points in exchange for three bundles, cards, and sprays. 

The package includes entries in the Bane, Divine Swine, and Striker skin lines. The Bane bundle is a mix of Tigris and Reaver collections. The dark guns have silver ascents and come for Vandal, Stinger, Odin, and Ghost.

Divine Swine is the opposite of Bane, with a cartoonish design. These guns have morning and night cycles, which is pretty interesting for cheap skins. Finally, the Striker line collection is the only one to have a colorful melee and different variants. 

The Valorant Episode 4, Act 2 battle pass also adds a new collection of gun buddies. The flying pig returns in the form of a chain that dedicated Valorant players can flex. The iconic animal is pretty popular in the community, so it makes sense for Riot to roll out a charm for it. 


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