Riot is removing the popular Widejoy meme and fans aren’t happy

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players are always eager to get in-game bugs removed, but they want this particular glitch to stay. Here’s what Widejoy means to Valorant and its players. 

Valorant has a lot of iconic memes including ones that have been recognized by Riot Games as well. From “rebibe me Jett” to a lobster spray, the developer has encouraged the community to meme around the game. But it seems that Valorant’s most popular meme to date, “widejoy,” may get removed after months of laughing. 

What’s Widejoy in Valorant? 

Widejoy is a player card released in Episode 2 Act 2 titled “rainfall.” A glitch caused it to appear extra wide during the loading screen, which eventually became a hit meme among the players. 

Player cards appear on the match waiting screen and get cropped into horizontal banners during the loading screen. Killjoy Rainfall was bugged, occurring ultra-wide like the popular Putin walking meme. This glitch had no impact on gameplay, but players loved it. The hilarious card became so popular that all five lobby members would purposefully equip widejoy for the laughs. 

The card has stayed in the game for two complete acts, but Riot has finally taken notice of the Widejoy shenanigans. The devs have announced that the glitched card would soon be removed from the game. 

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Fans want the glitched Widejoy to stay 

Valorant players had an extreme reaction to developers’ announcement of Widejoy’s removal. The fans think Widejoy is a special card that should stay in the game for good. 

After an insane response from the community, the devs promised that Widejoy might return in some other capacity. Riot devs have previously turned popular memes into in-game content, so all hope isn’t lost for Widejoy owners. 

The rainfall Killjoy might return in the form of a spray, like the Lobster meme. It’s also possible that the developers might roll out another Widejoy card, only this time it’d be an official one instead of a glitched card. Considering the player reaction, a series of wide agent cards is also possible to come to Valorant. 

For now, fans should make the most of the hilarious Killjoy meme. The developer will fix the glitch in the upcoming patch.