Gaia skin bundle

Valorant Gaia skin bundle leak reveals release date, animation

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The new skin bundle for Valorant episode 4 Act 2 looks promising based on leaks. Gaia is an interesting blend of Ruination and Spline collection. 

Valorant Episode 4 Act 1 brought a brand new agent to the protocol and is now wrapping up. Players are gearing up to restart their ranked grind in the new act that kicks off on March 1. A clean Gaia bundle will help players climb through Valorant ranks in style. 

The skin collection for Episode 4 Act II has been leaked, and the response has been positive so far. While the community generally isn’t a fan of designs inspired by the previous collection, it’s making an exception for Gaia. 

The wild bundle is reminiscent of Ruination and Spline, and players love it. 

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Gaia guns are wrapped in a tree branch with trimmings of tiny leaves. The stems are hugging a burning crystal in red, orange, blue, and green colors.

The design is quite similar to the Sentinels of Light bundle, where a crystal tube was going through the metal. The Spline collection also had pipes tingled together, so this isn’t exactly a new design. However, the idea of a crystal going through tree branches is unique. The melee is the most significant part of this bundle as it’s shaped like a tree made with crystal.

The skin is visually pleasing, but the kill animation caught players’ interest the most. Gaia skins plant a seed on the dead body at the round’s end, blooming into an artistic tree. This Disney-like visual has never been seen in Valorant before, so Gaia is easily Riot’s most unique creation in recent patches. 

The Gaia skins are available for: 

  • Ghost
  • Vandal
  • Guardian
  • Marshal
  • Melee

How much does the Gaia skin bundle cost? 

It’s unknown how much Gaia will cost, but it should be released in the Premium line since it includes variants and animations. A Premium bundle costs somewhere around 7,100 to 8,800 Valorant points. Each skin may cost 1,775 VP, whereas the melee should be priced at 3,550 VP. 

Gaia comes with four white, blue, green, and red variants. The bundle also has a unique animation that only comes in Premium and ultra-exclusive skins. Moreover, players also get to enjoy a crystal gun buddy, player card, and spray. 

What’s the Gaia skin bundle release date? 

The Gaia skin bundle will be released with the new act on March 1. Players can cop the skins from their Valorant store while they’re up.