Chronovoid bundle

Valorant drops teaser for “god-like” ChronoVoid skins bundle

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has unveiled a brand new skin bundle dubbed ChronoVoid, and it feels eerily familiar for dedicated players. 

Recent Valorant skins have been grand design-wise, but Riot Games deviated from the immersive themes. From XenoHunter to the Neptune collection, the skins lacked the soul that previous bundles like Reaver, Sovereign, and more had. However, Riot seems to be throwing it back to the good old beta days with ChronoVoid. 

Riot Games has dropped a regal teaser for the ChronoVoid bundle, which brings skins for both of the primary rifles. While it’s surely a feast for the eyes, the bundle’s lore and backstory may tempt players to buy it. 

ChronoVoid unveiled in Valorant 

The developer had earlier revealed a short story regarding the skin called “Daedalus.” The tweet was quickly deleted as it leaked Riot’s plan to rework the Asgard collection, also known as Drips, from Project: A. The developer called the early version “horrendously ugly” with tons of potential.

Daedalus would be Riot’s try at rebuilding the concept of a god-like bundle that we now know as ChronoVoid. So, the new bundle is an ode to Project: A, the early dates of Valorant. 

The new skin collection is unique yet reminiscent of the Ion collection. All the skins are encrusted with a metal ball at their center, whereas the melee turns into a sphere itself upon inspection. The narrator continues to relate the weapons to god and ancient history, which aligns with the royal aesthetic of the guns. This theme blends with futuristic tech, making ChronoVoid a combination of magic and tech. 

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While the appearance at the default level is musty and dry, the weapon lights up with animated objects when updated. ChronoVoid guns have three different levels in green, red, and black variants. The melee dubbed Terminus A Quo has two levels with the same variants. 

The ChronoVoid bundle includes: 

  • ChronoVoid Vandal
  • ChronoVoid Phantom
  • ChronoVoid Sherrif
  • ChronoVoid Judge
  • Terminus A Quo melee 

Alongside that, the bundle will also come with its exclusive card, spray, and gun buddy. So, it’s surely going to be a steal. 

How much does the ChronoVoid bundle cost?

The ChronoVoid bundle will be priced at 8,700 Valorant Points. It’ll become available on September 21 once the limited edition Champions 2022 bundle leaves the store.