Xenohunter bundle

Players unhappy with new Xenohunter bundle, and here’s why

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

New Valorant skins are dropping soon, and players are already complaining. The minimalistic Xenohunter bundle includes a default-like bayonet and plain skins.

Riot Games has recently put out numerous skin bundles on simple and dark beats. While fans love immersive backstories and themes, minimal aesthetics can be appealing on their own. The recent Endeavor bundle drew a negative response for being “too bland” and boring, so Riot introduced a couple of animated guns. But, the new Xenohunter bundle is quite similar to all plain collections released in the past.

ValorLeaks has dropped the first look at the upcoming bundle that is already wagging tongues. It’s no secret that Valorant players aren’t fans of muted skins with dull colors. They like animations and over-the-top effects so that they feel like they’re getting their full money’s worth. However, Riot has previously explained why all bundles can’t incorporate the same upbeat theme. 

The Xenohunter guns are reminiscent of Recon, Minima, Protocol collection, and the like. 

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Xenohunter guns are not far from your default guns, but players may actually overlook the simple design thanks to a unique gadget attached to the body. The new line introduces a brand new neo-pixel screen that showcases the tiny radar in green light. The radar itself may not serve a significant purpose, but it sure adds a mechanical feel to the bundle. The sound element also sounds similar to the Recon phantom with a lightweight feel. 


Conversely, the bayonet is pretty simple with no unique equip animations, which may hold many players back from buying the entire bundle. Unlike the guns, the melee appears exactly like the default knife. 

Xenohunter bundle is available for: 

  • Xenohunter Odin 
  • Xenohunter Phantom 
  • Xenohunter Bucky 
  • Xenohunter Frenzy 
  • Xenohunter Knife (Melee) 

All guns have one additional level, which is likely the tiny monitor. Players will have to invest some extra cash in order to unlock the unique gadget. Apart from this, there’s nothing special or noteworthy about Xenohunter, which may be a plus for those who don’t like flashy colors on their weapons. 

How much does the Xenohunter bundle cost? 

Xenohunter bundle will likely be released in the Premium tier. This means each gun would cost 1,775 Valorant points, whereas the melee will be priced at 3,550 VP. The entire bundle may cost 7,100 VP.