Valorant console release date, limited beta, and more

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 7, 2024

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Valorant has been confirmed for consoles, specifically PlayStation 5 and Xbox X | S, and will be available globally in 2024.

Riot Games has been discussing the possibility of bringing Valorant to consoles since the game’s release on PC in 2024. Despite rumors about Valorant coming to mobile, there hadn’t been any news about a console version. Now, Riot has dropped a bombshell at Summer Game Fest 2024, confirming Valorant console and revealing a first look as well.

On June 7, Riot Games shared an action-packed teaser on the Summer Game Fest 2024 stream, providing a look at the game, which appears like a carbon copy of its PC counterpart.

When is Valorant console release date?

Valorant will be available on PlayStation and Xbox X | S in 2024. The exact release date is currently unknown, but players should look for news in late 2024.

According to Riot Games, the game will be similar to Valorant PC. Now, Riot didn’t say this for Valorant Mobile, which may differ slightly in terms of game mechanics. For Console, however, there are enough similarities that Riot would roll out patches and agents on the same day for both platforms.

“All the content that is currently available on Valorant PC will be available on PS5, and whenever we ship a patch, we’ll be shipping it for everyone at the same time. So when a new map or Agent launches, everyone who plays Valorant will get it at the same time,” Riot Games said.

This also means the availability of items you own on the PC variant on the Console. Cross-progression will allow players to use their skins and agents on the Console without having to unlock them all over again.

How to sign up for Valorant console beta

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Valorant console beta begins on June 14, and players across the globe can sign up on However, only those in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan will get a key drop as of now.

Here’s everything that will be available in Valorant console:

Unrated, Swiftplay, Deathmatch:

  • June 14: Ascent, Bind, Haven, Abyss 
  • June 25: Patch 9.00, Sunset 
  • July 9: Lotus
  • July 23: Icebox 

Team Deathmatch 

  • All TDM maps 


  • All maps 

Once the Valorant console beta ends, everyone who plays it will get a special player card.