Is Valorant coming to consoles soon? Here’s what we know

By Steven Rondina


May 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is aggressively expanding into mobile gaming, but console gamers are still without any official word about a console release for Valorant.

Developers have been finding ways to make auto battlers and MOBAs work on a controller, with games like Auto Chess already out on PlayStation 4 and League of Legends: Wild Rift currently in the work for Nintendo Switch. Numerous hero shooters have already been successfully ported to consoles, including Overwatch and Apex Legends, which could make Valorant a strong candidate for a console release.

So where is Riot Games at in terms of developing a console version of Valorant? Here’s everything that’s known about Valorant to this point.

Is Valorant coming to consoles?

Riot Games has previously discussed Valorant being released on consoles, but has offered no official indication that a console version is coming. Though there is undeniable interest in Valorant being ported to other platforms, Riot has been vague regarding its plans.

“While we are exploring other platforms like console and mobile, right now the team is working hard to deliver a top-notch experience on PC,” Riot developer Joseph Ziegler said in 2020.

There are hidden files that suggest that a Valorant console port is in development. In 2020, data miners unearthed some hidden files that make reference to console and mobile versions of Valorant. There were also multiple reports that a mobile version of Valorant is incoming, with a possible reveal set to come at E3 2021.

Riot Games has been quiet enough regarding a port of Valorant that fans shouldn’t be holding their breath for it, but there are enough signs to be cautiously optimistic.

Will Valorant be on PlayStation or Xbox?

If Valorant is headed to consoles, it’s very likely that the game will arrive on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Valorant is not technically demanding and should be able to run smoothly on modern consoles as well as previous console generations if Riot is interested in bringing Valorant to them.

The only hiccup with this would be if Microsoft or Sony would look for some manner of exclusivity from Riot Games. Sony in particular has been willing to pay significant sums of money and even co-develop titles in order to have timed exclusivity for specific games. If the company strikes a deal with Riot Games, it could mean that Valorant arrives on PlayStation earlier than on Xbox, or it might event become a PS5 exclusive.

As for the Nintendo Switch, that’s another matter entirely. The Switch has some great games, but the console-handheld hybrid has much lower processing horsepower than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, never even mind the PS5 and Series S|X. This has seen a long list of games never ported to the Switch simply because developers don’t think the game can be properly moved to the weaker platform.

That isn’t to say Valorant couldn’t work on Switch. Games like Rocket League and Apex Legends are more technically demanding than Valorant and have been effectively ported to the Switch. Developing for the Switch is just harder, and that could see Riot Games pass on a Switch port for the game.


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