Valorant bundle Araxys features futuristic headshot machines

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 is packed with new and exciting content, but the Araxys skin bundle undoubtedly steals the spotlight. 

Each Valorant episode begins with either a new agent or map and a brand-new skin bundle with over-the-top animations. Riot sticks with a theme for each phase, which is also evident in the skin collection for the said episode. This time, the game developer is feeling futuristic. The battle pass and episode bundle are sleek and dipped in metal colors. 

Araxys will be the bundle for episode 6, and it’s an absolute treat for the fans of futuristic cosmetics in Valorant. Loaded with tech and mechanic audio, the Araxys bundle is an addition to the game’s best headshot machine skins

“We took inspiration from the idea of inorganic things being alive, of bodies made of metal and mineral—but breathed. The story is that these weapons were once wielded by an aggressive and dangerous alien race; large creatures, armored in hard unpierceable scales, who wielded advanced weaponry that could vaporize their enemies in the blink of an eye,” said the developer on Araxys skin bundle.

Valorant Araxys bundle is straight out of SciFi fantasy 

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Riot Games has lifted the curtain in a brand new Araxys bundle and fans already love it.

Valorant skin fans are hard to please. They manage to find faults in almost all skin bundles, no matter how sleek they are. So far, only a few collections are considered S-tier and flawless by the Valorant skin enthusiasts, and Araxys might make the cut as well. 

The Araxys skin bundle looks simple on the surface, but it’s a mechanical dream. A beam of sea blue light is locked under the wraps of metal that come apart upon inspection. Sheer gold cover breaks into tiny shards to unveil almost ghost-like insides of Araxy. While it’s undoubtedly a sight on sore eyes, Araxy’s sound element is the real deal. 

True skin enthusiasts understand that a skin’s true worth lies in its sound. How satisfactory the headshots sound matters a lot. Believe it or not, a skin can make or break the game and Araxys seems like it can do the latter. Crisp, mechanical audio upon shooting will surely aid you in popping heads smoothly. A blue beam shoots out of the muzzle on each shot, adding style to your Valorant highlights. 

The knife for Araxys is equally attractive. Dubbed Bio Harvester, the hand blade is a perfect collectible. The animation is simple, but the visuals are striking. 

Araxys skins are available for: 

  • Operator
  • Vandal
  • Bulldog
  • Shorty
  • Bio Harvester knife 

All weapons come in three variants: purple, black/red, and grey. In addition, it has custom animations, colors, and VFX designs. Melee can be upgraded to level 2, and guns max out on level 4. 

How much does Araxys bundle cost? 

The new Valorant Araxys bundle costs 8,700 VP. It comes with skins, one gun buddy, a card, and a spray.