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Here’s every Vandal skin in Valorant and how much they cost

by | Jul 1, 2022

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Reading Time: 9 min.

The one-tap headshot Vandal is the top pick of many Valorant players. Vandal skins in Valorant can make your trick shots that much more satisfying. 

The Phantom is an excellent choice on smaller maps, especially in the hands of an ace sprayer. However, the kills on Phantom just aren’t as satisfying as the Vandal’s. The one-taps on some skins are worth every penny as they add something extra to your best highlights.

Riot has released over 30 bundles, all belonging to different categories. Players may find it tricky to find the best skin in their loaded inventory, so we have compiled all Vandal skins in Valorant in one place for your convenience. 

All exclusive Vandal skins in Valorant 

There are a total of five Vandal skins in the “exclusive” family. This is the second-highest tier in Valorant and features some of the most expensive bundles. All limited-edition cosmetics are released into this category with a price between 1,775 and 2,675 Valorant points for each gun skin. 

Champions Vandal 2021

The most special Vandal, Champions 2021, is the ultimate holy grail in Valorant for its rarity. Riot commemorated the VCT event that crowned the first-ever Valorant world champions in 2021 by introducing the limited edition bundle featuring a knife and Vandal. It doesn’t rotate in the store, making it the rarest Valorant skin so far. 

Price: 2675 Valorant points


Plastered with fun stickers and cyberpunk art, Glitchpop Vandal is the most popular skin in Valorant. The colorful Vandal paints the sky with unicorn sprays as its kill animation. It comes in three variants, with rattling sound elements and great animations. 

Price: 2175 Valorant points.

Prelude to Chaos

The futuristic mix of Prelude to Chaos includes city lights and revolving disco lights in an attractive color range. The sound elements are also catchy, adding to this rather over-the-top Vandal weapon skin. It comes in green, white, and blue variants with custom VFX and finisher. 

Price:  2175 VP. 

RGX 11z Pro

The RGX 11z Pro wasn’t exactly well-received by Valorant fans initially. However, those who took it to the range realized that it brings a new type of sound element. The RGX 11z Pro counts kill with a tiny screen on its geometrical body. The three color variants make it worth the exclusive price tag. 

Price: 2175 VP. 

Sentinels of Light

Sentinels of Light was a product of Valorant’s first crossover with Riot’s popular MOBA, League of Legends. It was a nod to the Sentinels of Light event in LoL and was released as a competitor to the Ruination bundle, which was representing the darker side. The crystal-bodied Vandal remains a hit among the fans with its variants, custom VFX, and finisher. 

Price: 2175 VP. 

All premium Valorant Vandal skins 

The premium family has nine Vandal skins, and almost all are highly sought-after in Valorant. This tier is perfect for players who appreciate a good sound element but will pass on the more over-the-top animations. Premium skins are usually priced at 1,775 VP. 


The bold black and white Vandal won’t contribute much to the overall color scheme of your inventory. Still, it’s undoubtedly an iconic statement skin—especially the Red variant, which is fierce and intense. The geometrical pattern brings life to the simple Vandal, adding a premium touch to this skin. 

Price: 1775 VP.


The wild Forsaken is a creative amalgam of the Sovereign and Reaver collections. The silver accents on the forest green body are accentuated with a giant crystal in the center. The weapon takes the swirls from Reaver and a royal feel from Sovereign. The Forsaken only comes in two color variants and a dark finish. 

Price: 1775 VP. 

Gaia’s Vengeance

Tree branches hugging a salmon crystal of Gaia set this fascinating skin apart from other designs in Valorant. It’s traditional, immersive, and theme-heavy. The Gaia’s Vengeance broke the monotony of futuristic skin ideas that Riot had exhausted in Valorant. This unique weapon comes with an equally eye-catching finisher that plants a giant tree on the map. 

Price: 1775 VP.


Who doesn’t like tiny fish swimming inside an aquarium? That’s precisely what Riot did with its Neptune collection. The Neptune Vandal is ocean-themed with a calming and colorful aquarium created within the weapon’s body. However, players must unlock levels to view this premium feature. 

Price: 1775 VP. 


The cylindrical Origin skins were dark and dull in color schemes, but the unique animations were a smash. The Origin Vandal has golden discs installed in the center that detach and rotate upon inspection. The dark gun remains a chart-topper for its catchy sound effect. 

Price: 1775 VP.


The Prime Vandal is Valorant’s most successful rifle skin so far. The sleek, gold, and silver gun has a faint electrical noise animation upon shooting, making one-taps more enjoyable. It has a lightweight feel, something that many players look for in their Valorant skins. 

Price: 1775 VP. 

Tethered Realms

The glassy body of this Vandal encloses a scenic view of ruined buildings that changes with the environment. It isn’t exactly the most popular Vandal skin, but it has its own fans. Tethered Realms has no special effects or animations. 

Price: 1775 VP. 


A few Vandal skins in Valorant are must-haves, and Reaver is definitely on that list. A heavy rifle sound element and an attractive skin design have helped it become one of the most sought-after skins in Valorant. It comes in three variants, and the white one might be the best of all. 

Price: 1775 VP.


Valorant GO! Vol. 2 is one of the minimal and less flashy skins. Despite this, players quickly cop this skin from the store as it features agent art. The Phoenix-themed Vandal doesn’t have distracting animations, but it sure looks fierce in the hands of a duelist. 

Price: 1775 VP. 

All Deluxe Vandal skins 

Deluxe skins are plain old guns that have minimal animations and sound effects. They are more affordable for 1,275 VP per skin. Most of the skins in the deluxe tier have translucent exteriors playing a slightly animated scenic view from inside the glass. 


Deluxe isn’t exactly the fanciest skin tier, but Aristocrat looks regal. The gold and black skin is coated in royal patterns that make it appear like a premium skin from a premium origin. For a cheap Deluxe tag, Aristocrat is a steal for players trying to save money. 

Price: 1275 VP. 


The crystallized body of Vandal would surely make you feel ice-cold. The ice-themed weapon is simple yet appealing. The skin shines in sunlight, showcasing every little cut and edge on the Vandal’s sculpting. It has no animation or special effects, but it still sells well. 

Price: 1275 VP.


Green skin Horizon features cotton candy skies, perfect for adding color to your inventory without spending the big bucks. Even with no special effects, the Horizon is still a cute skin for a low price. The serene views may help calm nerves during sweaty ranked games. 

Price: 1275 VP.

Nunca Olvidados

Nunca Olvidados was one of the few Deluxe tier skins that sold instantly after its release. Probably because it’s lore-heavy, featuring Reyna’s cultural roots and a peek into her background. The vibrant bundle also came with a variant that shifts the scene upon movement. 

Price: 1275 VP. 


Sakura was the only Deluxe tier bundle to appear in the primary market twice. The cute pink and white Vandal of Sakura is simple and easy on the eyes. It’s devoid of heavy sculpts and designs that many may find distracting and unattractive. 

Price: 1275 VP.


The midnight scene of a night on the water enclosed within Silvanus Vandal’s body is undoubtedly the selling point of this skin. The tiny huts lit with golden lights are calming and aesthetically pleasing. Silvanus is a cheap skin and comes without any variants. 

Price: 1275 VP. 

Team Ace

Agent-themed skins are numerous in Valorant, but few are quite like Team Ace. Simple and minimal, yet still making a statement, this skin bundle features agent art on each skin, with the Vandal bearing Reyna’s image. The purple-grey Vandal does not have over-the-top art or effects, but is still a must-have for all Reyna players. 

Price: 1275 VP.


Titanmail is a more affordable version of the Reaver and Forsaken designs. The rough texture on this Vandal skin is rare, seldom appearing in the daily market rotation. It is easily one of the most underrated skins for the Vandal and is highly desired. 

Price: 1,275 VP.


Wasteland is a unique Vandal with patches and random articles tying the body together. The skin is adorned with broken pieces, buttons, and screws, adding a battle-scarred look. It’s perfect for fast-paced and competitive Valorant games. 

Price: 1275 VP. 

Winter Wunderland

Released as Riot’s first Christmas gift to Valorant players, Winter Wunderland will always remain a special Vandal despite its no-frills design. The glass body showcases a scene straight out of a winter morning in a snow-blanketed village.

Price: 1275 VP.

All select Vandal skins 

Select is the lowest and cheapest Valorant skin tier. Skins in the blue circle class are affordable and often look like it.

They’re may not be a flex, but they still add a touch of color to your inventory. Players often shop these skins for less-used weapons to fill up their collection. Select Vandal skins cost 875 VP, and there are currently four in this tier. 


This plain white and gold skin is a top pick of minimalists. The Endeavor Vandal is a statement piece that adds value to your inventory without being too flashy. The blue nuts and bolts on the simple build are eye-catching, making Endeavor one of the best select skins. 

Price: 875 VP. 


The serene blue Luxe features geometrical patterns that add a little depth to a relatively simple skin. It’s a perfect choice for those who refrain from squandering money on virtual items but still want to enjoy some Valorant skins. 

Price: 875 VP. 

Prism II

Prism is often picked by players looking for a minimal skin with a vibrant color range. The gradient skin illuminates orange color on a pink body upon inspection and movement, which sets it apart. It has a nice stealthy appearance and pairs well with such agents as Yoru, Kay/O, and Omen.

Price: 875 VP.


Sensation has bubblegum swirls all across its body in rich colors. This cheap Vandal also has a touch of the BlastX bundle, which may make it an attractive item for many. It is undoubtedly valuable on its own thanks to its bright color and upbeat aura. 

Price: 875 VP. 

What’s the most expensive Vandal skin in Valorant? 

Champions 2021 and Elderflame are the most expensive Vandal skins in Valorant.

The ultra-edition Elderflame is a much-desired Vandal skin that rotates in the regular skin market. Accentuated dragon scales and fiery animations are among the many attractive features of this rare skin. The Elderflame Vandal’s sound effects and unique feel remain unmatched even after the addition of many similarly complex skins. It costs 2,475 VP for three variants and animations, making it one of the priciest skins in the game. 

Other Vandal skins in Valorant

These are all the Vandal skins in Valorant that players can acquire from the market. However, there are a few other Vandal skins that were only attainable through a battle pass. These skins won’t appear in the market and are now stored exclusively in the inventories of those who played the corresponding Battle Pass in Valorant. 

  • .SYS
  • Cavalier
  • Depths
  • Hivemind
  • K/TAC
  • Lycan’s Bane
  • Nitro
  • Ruin
  • Schema
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