The best Valorant skin tier list, bundles for 2023

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant has over 60 purchasable bundles in the game, providing players with many options. Our ultimate skin tier list can help you pick the best weapon skins for your next purchase. 

Riot Games’ FPS, Valorant, was the ultimate game-changer with its unique twist of character-based abilities. But that wasn’t the only thing that set Valorant apart from its competitors. Affordable skins with over-the-top animations and visuals made a splash among skin enthusiasts. Since Project: A, Riot has rolled out more than 60 purchasable bundles categorized into five classes. 

In 2023, there are dozens of skin options, but not all of them are worth adding to your inventory. So here is the ultimate Valorant skin tier list to decide which bundle is the most valuable. 

Valorant skin tier list for 2023

Valorant skins tier list

All Valorant skins that appear in the store are divided into five classes Select, Deluxe, Premium, Exclusive, and Ultra, with Ultra being the priciest class. Our tier list heavily relies on animations and VFX, but the sound element is the primary determinant. 

TierBundle name
S-TierSpectrum, Elderflame, Prime, Ion, Champions 2021
A-TierSovereign, Oni, Glitchpop, Reaver, Recon, RGX 11z, Champions 2022
B-TierSingularity, BlastX, Celestial, Magepunk, Forsaken, Ruination, Sentinels of Light, Protocol 781-A, Xenohunter,
C-TierOrigin, Radiant Crisis, Gaia’s Vengeance, Endeavour, Doodle Buds, Neptune, Prelude to Chaos, Chronovoid,
D-TierLuxe, Aristocrat, Galleria, Rush, Sakura, Convex, Avalanche, Prism, Nebula, Ego, Smite, Sensation, Winderwunderland, Prism, Horizon, Valorant GO, Silvanus, Minima, Tethered Realms, Snowfall, Tigris, Undercity, Team Ace, Titanmail, Sarmad, Kohaku & Matsuba, Crimsonbeast, Wasteland, Spline, GUN, Infantry, Nunca Olvidados, Soulstrife, Abyssal, Cryostasis.

Here’s what each Valorant skin tier means

S-Tier is for the crème de la crème skins that have remained matchless since their release in terms of sound elements and visuals. Admittedly, these skins are expensive, but that’s not why they nabbed a spot on top. Instead, S-Tier skins have been fan-favorite for helping land crisp headshots in style. 

A class houses bundles that are top-tier, but a portion of credible skin collectors are not totally on board with them. While their sound element is on par with S-Tier, the visuals and color variants don’t compare to Valorant’s best skins. Nevertheless, A-Tier skins are still the best bundles money can buy!

B-Tier is a lower category for skins that are eye-catching but haven’t impressed every player. These are popular skins that players had high expectations from but didn’t precisely deliver. However, you may still want to cop them from the store for their flashy visuals! 

C and D-tier are home to low-class skins in Valorant that look and work fine for the small price tag. These skins are great for adding color into inventory but don’t necessarily contribute to gameplay with their audio elements. The lack of variants and colors is another reason most players pass on these skins.