Valkyrae stalker

Valkyrae speaks on stalker who followed her at 100 Thieves

By Olivia Richman


Jul 15, 2022

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YouTuber Rachell “Valkryae” Hofstetter is the latest female influencer to deal with a scary stalker situation, and now she’s speaking up about it.

Harassment, sexism, and stalking have continued to be huge issues for female streamers, with big names including Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa dealing with such behaviors. YouTuber Valkyrae has yet another disturbing story about a fan who took things too far.

In a recent interview with Anthony Padilla, Valkyrae decided to share a concerning tale of a stalker who got a little too close for comfort. The 100 Thieves co-owner explained that a “crazed fan” showed up at 100 Thieves’ facilities in Los Angeles, California.

“I have a crazed fan who actually flew in from out of state and went to the 100 Thieves compound. They warned me that this guy was looking for me and they called the cops,” Valkyrae revealed.

According to Valkyrae, the stalker recorded some concerning videos while at the local airport over the course of a few days. He would tell the camera that he refused to leave until Valkryae “picked him up,” claiming that he “knew” she wanted to see him.

Valkyrae told Padilla that she had never met the dangerous fan or even interacted with the stalker online. The fact that he flew out to find her made Valkyrae believe he had some mental issues. The videos made her realize that anyone can “build this sort of parasocial mindset with any streamer or content creator they watch.”

Valkyrae continues to deal with stalkers online and IRL

This is unfortunately not the first time that Valkyrae has run into a stalking situation. The popular streamer had to make her Twitter account private last year due to a “delusional” stalker. The man would create hundreds of new Twitter accounts in response to her blocking him.

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Valkyrae, Pokimane, Amouranth scared of stalkers

Valkyrae is just one of many popular female content creators who has opened up about scary stalker situations recently.

Amouranth tweeted about a scary stalker who showed up outside her residence after camping nearby. The stalker had livestreamed many times about his love for Amouranth and his journey to the United States to find her. In the end, the stalker showed up to her house and tried to break in. That’s when the police finally stepped in and the man was told to leave the country.

In May, Pokimane said a stalker flew to her home after finding her address. The famous Twitch streamer revealed that she was quite scared of the man finding her and had decided to livestream so that people would see if he acted against her.

Sweet Anita decided not to attend TwitchCon this year due to a stalker tricking her community into funding a ticket for him so he could meet her. She shared screenshots at the time of the stalker harassing her online, even telling her of his plan to disguise himself to get to her at the event.


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