Amouranth stalker arrested

Amouranth reveals stalker arrested after months of harassment

By Olivia Richman


Jun 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has revealed that her long-time stalker has finally been arrested after months of camping outside her residence.

On her personal Twitter, Amouranth opened up about a stalker situation she says that she has been dealing with for some time now. Since the beginning of May, Amouranth has been watching a live stream from a man who traveled from Estonia to be closer to her. The obsessive stalker was broadcasting everything he did while camping out near her PO box address.

Amouranth tweeted that the stalker had sold everything he owned, including his own cat, to afford traveling to the United States. He then watched her streams every day, copying them on his own channel. Amouranth told her fans during the last few months not to report the stream since it was her way of keeping a “close tab on him.”

His behavior grew more erratic over time, including sending the stalker her videos of himself dancing in the nude. Since learning of the stalker, Amouranth had installed additional security and even hired an armed employee to stand guard outside of her residence. But it was unfortunately not enough to make her feel secure given the situation.

Amouranth’s stalker arrested after attempted break-in

After two months of streaming nearby, the stalker decided to make his way to Amouranth’s home. He said in a video that he knew it was wrong but that he “had to,” according to Amouranth.

After arriving at Amouranth’s home, the stalker checked out the property for 30 minutes. While he was casing her residence, Amouranth called the police, but the cops allegedly “declined to act.” The stalker then filmed himself attempting to break into her home. Amouranth called the police again.

“Dispatch was rude, cutting me off, putting me on hold,” Amouranth said. “It took 33 minutes from me calling 9-1-1 (having previously already explained the situation to the closest PD branch) for the first responders to arrive.”

Amouranth tweeted that the stalker was ultimately arrested. The embassy was contacted and the stalker is no longer in Amouranth’s home city of Houston, she wrote.

The entire ordeal has been tough on Amouranth, from the stalker being nearby for two months to the police not initially responding despite her pleas. Amouranth expressed that she didn’t want to be held responsible for what happened if the man actually broke in and she was required to protect herself. Fortunately, it seems that the stalker won’t be bothering Amouranth again for the time being.