Deadlock Valorant

Use this trick to master GravNet of Valorant agent Deadlock

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Deadlock is the latest addition to the Valorant agent lineup, and she’s quite tricky to master. Thankfully, this easy Deadlock trick can help master at least one of her abilities. 

GravNet is a device that forces enemies to crouch and slows them simultaneously. It’s pretty powerful if tossed in the middle of a duel, destabilizing the shooter’s crosshair. It’s also quite valuable for keeping enemies away from a planted Spike, but for that, you need accurate lineups. 

Deadlock’s high viability makes her an attractive pick, but players may avoid picking her due to the high learning curve. This Valorant trick can help.

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How to use Deadlock’s GravNet? 

Deadlock GravNet

Instead of learning a new lineup for each situation, players can transfer their previous knowledge and master Deadlock’s GravNet. Here’s how. 

GravNet has the same radius, flight, and landing as Viper’s smoke launcher. Fortunately, unlike any other agent, Viper’s smoke comes with a visual guide on the radar that helps toss the device. This way, players don’t have to learn her lineups beforehand. At least, not in most cases. The best part? Viper’s lineups transfer to the utility of many other agents, including Gekko, Kay/O, and now Deadlock. 

You may use the same Viper smoke lineups for Deadlock’s GravNet. If you’re not a Viper main but wish to play Deadlock, you can still benefit from this trick. Use Viper instead of Deadlock in the practice server to learn the new lineups in half the time. 

Having a visual aid on the radar helps a lot in learning lineups. So instead of picking Deadlock, play Viper to master GravNet. To do this, all you have to do is the following.

  • Turn on cheats in a custom map
  • Select a map you wish to practice on
  • Press queue! 
  • Select Viper as your agent
  • Equip her smoke to practice all your situational Deadlock lineups

Voila! You should now be able to slow down your foes with Deadlock using a simple trick.