Here are all the abilities of Deadlock, Valorant agent 23

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 26, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant agent 23 is a Norwegian sentinel with traps and a tornado ultimate. All of her abilities have finally been revealed.  

Sova will finally feel less alone in Valorant because a fellow winter soldier is joining the Valorant ranks. Deadlock is quite similar to Sova, but instead of a prosthetic eye, she’s repping a metal arm — a Killjoy invention. Deadlock has a cold personality and toolkit that will lock enemies dead in their tracks. 

In the official Valorant teaser, Deadlock can be seen tackling a bear singlehandedly. It’s not your average bear, but one with Radianite-like powers that infuse into Deadlock upon a bloody interaction. Despite her exchange with the wild animal, agent 23 gets her powers from high-end technology. 

What are Deadlock’s abilities in Valorant?

Here are all the abilities of Valorant agent 23, Deadlock. 

Barrier Mesh (E): Equip a Barrier Mesh disc. Fire to throw forward. Upon landing, the disc generates barriers from the origin point that block character movement. Enemies can still shoot through the walls, but they won’t be able to cross the barrier until they destroy the traps.

Sonic Sensor (Q): Fire to deploy. The sensor monitors an area for enemies making sound. It concusses that area if footsteps, weapons fire, or significant noise are detected.

GravNet (C): Equip a GravNet grenade. Fire to throw. Alt fire to lob the grenade underhand. The GravNet detonates upon landing, forcing any enemies caught within to crouch and move slowly. Enemies can remove the GravNet by pressing F, but it’d make them vulnerable in a battle.

Annihilation (X): Equip a Nanowire Accelerator. FIRE unleashes a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy contacted. The cocooned enemy is pulled along a nanowire path and will die if they reach the end unless they are freed. The nanowire cocoon is destructible.

Deadlock seems like a perfect sentinel, with the potential to beat Cypher as the best flank-locker in the current meta. So far, her tornado ultimate and Barrier Mesh stand out the most. The agent can create glass walls that limit enemies. This ability could be huge in bolstering damage impact when paired with other agents’ powers. 

Deadlock enters Valorant in Episode 7 Act 1 on June 28.