Sova Recon

Use this Sova lineup to grab intel across map on Haven

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It’s now possible to keep an eye on Valorant map Haven’s C-site while holding A, but only if you’re willing to learn the Sova Recon lineup. 

Recon agents in Valorant are brimming with unlocked potential. They require tons of time in custom maps and range to perform to their fullest. But some basic lineups are so simple even green players can pull them off. This latest A-to-C Sova lineup is easy and highly valuable. 

Valorant player Rem shared this handy lineup on social media, which allows Sova players to recon on C-site from A in a simple single-dart.

Sova’s A-to-C lineup on Haven is too good

This highly valuable lineup can be executed in only three steps. 

First, crouch under the window while sticking close to the crates. Aim close at the boxes, as shown in the video, and then equip the dart. Activate a single shot, load the bar to full, and release the dart. The recon will ricochet off the box and attach on top of the huts on C-long, revealing enemies crowded inside the alley. 

This lineup may not come in handy in a 5v5 situation, as there’d be teammates towards C as well. It’s a bit situational but can be highly useful when enemies have a player advantage and you’re down to a few defenders. In such situations, one site may not always have enough defenders, but Sova can still watch for any movement using this Recon lineup. 

How to use Sova’s Recon bolt

Sova Recon

Recon Bolt can be used in three different ranges. Sova can also control the number of times this arrow bounces off terrain using alt-fire and its range by pressing fire. The darts work best when shot at odd angles. Otherwise, enemies can easily break them or smoke them off.

Sova’s signature Recon Bolt is why high-ranked players can’t get enough of his kit. Sova beats Fade in intel-gathering with his Recon Bolt, which is tough to deal with. They are tiny, tricky to spot, and even more challenging to shoot at. Without knowing elaborate lineups, players have no choice but to keep an eye out, which divides attention at all times.