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How to unlock all Valorant agents quickly in 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant currently has 21 agents, but the journey to unlock them all can be a tall order if you’re new to the game. 

Riot Games’ character-based FPS features an extended cast of 21 agents each capable of different actions. But players must work hard to unlock all characters as Riot only allows five free agents, which are as follows. 

  • Brimstone 
  • Sova 
  • Sage 
  • Phoenix 
  • Jett

But it’s pretty easy to unlock the rest. There are two ways to activate Valorant agents: in-game money or grinding different modes. 

How to unlock all Valorant agents 

Valorant agents

Each Valorant agent is locked behind five tiers, each tier costing 200 Valorant points. That means that players need 1,000 VP to access one agent. 

Now, if you have money, you can immediately unlock any agent you want by spending $10. But it’s also possible to activate them for free. All you need is XP, which can be achieved by grinding the game. If you actively play Valorant, it shouldn’t be an arduous task.

Unlock Valorant agents for free

  • First, go to the agents’ page and activate the contract of the character you want to unlock. This is a crucial step that players often forget. 
  • Next, play all daily and weekly challenges to earn bonus XP quickly.
  • Deathmatch and Spike Rush win you more XP than ranked mode. Play them. 
  • Once you have unlocked five tiers, move on to the next agent instead of grinding through all tiers.

Voila! You should be able to play your favorite agent without spending a penny. But if you don’t have time to mess with Deathmatch and are willing to spend money, then you should be unlocking agents right away. 

How to get Valorant agents cheap with VP 

Unlocking Valorant agents from scratch requires $10, but you can save some money with this little trick. Earn enough XP to open at least 2 or 3 tiers, which shouldn’t take more than a few challenges and Deathmatches. Initial tiers for each Valorant agent require less XP, which is why we recommend saving that money. You may buy the remaining two tiers, which need 400 VP. Here’s how much XP each tier requires in 2022 for your ease:

Tier #XP required
Tier 120,000
Tier 230,000
Tier 340,000
Tier 450,000
Tier 560,000
  • First, go to the agents page and scroll to the end of the contract (tier 5)
  • Click on the purchase button to buy the desired agent
  • Repeat the process for each Valorant agent 

It’s not a problem if you can’t afford to buy the full cast. You don’t really need all Valorant agents at the ready in order to win. Unlock at least two agents in each category, and you should be good to go!