Valorant Deadlock

This Deadlock Barrier trick allows you to boost on top of walls

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Deadlock’s toolkit is a tough nut to crack, but this one Barrier Mesh trick is highly valuable yet easy to execute.

Valorant’s latest agent 23 comes with viable traps and a tornado ultimate that pulls enemies to their death. Unlike Chamber, her traps are a tad trickier to use, but they are worth the effort and practice. However, some Deadlock tricks are so easy even green Valorant players can pull them off with a bit of training. 

When players looked at Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh upon release, they saw a new tool to block a planted Spike. But, the transparent walls are multi-purpose and can be used to create odd angles, similar to Sage’s Barrier Orb. 

How to use Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh

Deadlock Barrier Mesh

The primary purpose of Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh is to limit the enemy’s movement by locking them in a glass case. However, it’s also possible to elevate yourself on high odd angles by using her wall. Here’s how: 

To pull off this trick, you only need to stand close to a high ledge or a wall. Once there, equip her Barrier Mesh and plant down the wall while standing right on top of the central device. The center wall will boost you on top, and then you can slide toward the nearest wall, gaining an edge over the enemy. 

From here, you may spot enemies and use a high angle to net easy kills. If you’re up against enemy Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh, you may use your own wall to get out of the glass case since her wall requires a full Phantom clip to be destroyed. Escaping is better than shooting at the stubborn device.

So far, Deadlock has proven to be a highly valuable sentinel in Valorant. From her GravNet to Barrier Mesh, all abilities are viable and can be paired well with other agents.