Valorant agent leak

Valorant agent 23 is a Sentinel, teased with Cypher-like cams

By Olivia Richman


Jun 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The next Valorant agent has been officially teased, and FPS players think he’s a Sentinel that specializes in hacking.

Valorant developers have confirmed in a short video that a new Sentinel is coming to the game in the next few months. These are agents with a focus on intel-gathering, helping the duelists rack up kills. But an accompanying image has made this allegedly upcoming Sentinel seem a bit more complex than just breaking info.

Valorant Agent 23 is a Sentinel

ValorLeaks shared an image of a gloved individual working on some type of complicated contraption while having their morning coffee and waffles. This led many players to speculate on what the new agent will be like, including theories that he will hack enemy utilities or be a trapper. Some even wondered if he will be like “Chamber 2.0” thanks to the OG agent’s nerfs.

As for the agent’s identity, a lot of people feel he is from France or Belgium, thanks to the waffles. But developers didn’t leave too many other hints. Despite nobody knowing what the agent really looks like, the community is already simping for him, saying that they can tell he will be hot.

Next Valorant agent 23 release date

The next agent, 23 may arrive in Valorant episode 7. Right now, there are no solid dates for when the next agent is coming to Valorant, although the leaker seemed to know he was arriving in the next few months.

Riot Games has confirmed in the past that more agents and maps are coming to Valorant in 2023, so this is quite a believable timeline.

ValorLeaks previously hinted that an agent with the codename SmokeDancer was coming to Valorant. But the leaker said that the controller is most likely not next, meaning SmokeDancer is probably irrelevant to the upcoming agent.