These OnlyFans models are finding a lot of success on Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Feb 22, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

The Just Chatting category has continued to be Twitch’s most popular, with 242 million hours watched in January. And the category has seen increasing use by popular content creators on other platforms such as OnlyFans.

A lot of the top Just Chatting streamers are also Instagram models and social media influencers. And many of them also have OnlyFans accounts. While advertising an OnlyFans account partially goes Twitch’s Terms of Service, there are many ways that streamers have been able to get viewers to subscribe to their OnlyFans as well, making it a popular way to sell their monthly subscriptions. 

There are even some big-name streamers who use Twitch in this fashion. And while it’s technically allowed on the platform, many in the streaming community have continuously criticized this sort of content being on Twitch to begin with. 

Who is Amouranth?

Amouranth OnlyFans

One of the most popular female streamers on Twitch, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, switched over to OnlyFans from Patreon when the aforementioned app started blowing up in 2020. She currently has over 180 posts on her OnlyFans, which people pay about $10 per month to gain access to. 

On Twitch, Amouranth exclusively streams in the Just Chatting and ASMR categories. For a while, Amouranth would use the Just Chatting category to stream her playing Just Dance and wearing cosplays. In the past, she’s gotten in trouble with the platform for a variety of things, most notably when she accidentally exposed herself while playing with her dog on the floor. This earned her more followers than ever before. 

Many have called for Twitch to take action against Amouranth, as they believe the streaming platform gives her special treatment. Because she rarely faces harsh punishment for breaking Twitch’s ToS, it has led some viewers to speculate that Twitch employees keep her around because they personally enjoy suggestive content. Regardless, Amouranth looks to be here to stay. 

Amouranth made some good money from people subscribing to her Twitch, but a lot of her money is made from NSFW content. She previously had premium SnapChat and Patreon accounts, but it seems she is now focused on creating content for OnlyFans, although the previous two platforms are also still active. Her entire Twitter is dedicated to showing off sexy photos that appear to be a sneak peek at the more X-rated versions that people can pay for. 

At the moment, it seems that Twitch is another way for Amouranth to get more OnlyFans subscribers. 

Indiefoxx tests Twitch’s Terms of Service with racy streams

A streamer named Indiefoxx has been in the headlines lately for seeing just how much she can reveal on Twitch without getting banned. So far it hasn’t been too successful, but her bans are quite short.

Recently, Indiefoxx was banned for wearing a bathing suit that appeared to be see-through, although she later proved it wasn’t on Twitter. Upon her return, Indiefoxx decided to lay on her bed wearing only a bra and panties. She was writing the name of donors on her body, including on her thighs and breasts. Even though this is something she’s done in the past, Twitch took more notice this time around and banned her again.  

A quick look at Indiefoxx’s socials shows that she is also an OnlyFans content creator. While her streaming and music careers haven’t been the most successful to date, it seems as though she’s finally found her stride in the adult content space. Subscriptions to her OnlyFans account are $15 a month, which will unlock about 500 photos and videos. Indiefoxx states on her OnlyFans that she does “lewds” but not nudes. 

MissBehavin shines light on OnlyFans takeover

In perhaps one of the most shocking moments in Twitch history, streamer MissBehavin had her account banned for three days when she exposed herself on stream. Unlike most accidental slip-ups, this fiasco saw MissBehavin dancing around in her underwear for a good five minutes before she bent over and exposed herself entirely to viewers. 

MissBheavin has contended that the video clip was meant for her OnlyFans subscribers, not for Twitch.

This situation had the streaming community livid. It was shocking that Twitch only banned her for three days after such an explicit gaffe. Meanwhile, popular streamer Sebastian “Forsen” Fors was banned for over a month when he accidentally showed a horse penis for a brief moment. A body painter also pointed to Twitch’s hypocrisy when she was banned from Twitch indefinitely for “inappropriate body art.” 

While Twitch has continued to publicly update their Terms of Service, it’s largely unclear how they choose the lengths of bans. For now, it seems quite inconsistent to many in the streaming community. Many of the women who face very few consequences appear to be involved in adult entertainment or in creating other explicit content, which has raised a few eyebrows. 

Even though OnlyFans is a valid way to make money, a lot of Twitch users feel that the real issue is Twitch being biased towards certain creators on the platform. The MissBehavin situation made a lot of people wary of Twitch’s confusing ban policies and guidelines. As OnlyFans continues to grow and more people sign up, Twitch is bound to have more of these content creators on its platform.