Twitch bans indiefoxx again after stream challenges nudity rules

By Olivia Richman


Feb 2, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

After being back on Twitch for less than a day, steamy streamer indiefoxx has been banned from the platform yet again. 

indiefoxx celebrated her return to Twitch after a three-day nudity ban by stripping down again. Her most recent stream featured the X-rated content creator laying down on her bed in lingerie, writing her donors’ names on her thighs and breasts. This apparently didn’t sit well with Twitch, as the streaming platform decided to suspend her account again just hours after lifting the suspension. 

Even though Twitch never stated the exact reason indiefoxx was banned, viewers quickly put together that the streamer had violated the streaming platform’s policy on sexual content and nudity. She had made her breasts the focal point of the stream by writing on them, which is prohibited by Twitch. The company states that streamers can’t make their breasts, buttocks, or genital area the focus of a stream. It also has strict rules against sexually suggestive content, like indiefoxx laying in a bed wearing only her underwear.

But not everyone stuck to discussion of Twitch’s terms of service on Reddit and beyond. Many in the streaming community called in indiefoxx to be banned from Twitch altogether as she continued to use the platform to promote her OnlyFans. 

indiefoxx calls out LiveStreamFail Reddit forum for harassment

The ongoing discussions about indiefoxx’s racy return stream on Reddit actually became too much for the content creator. She tweeted earlier that the amount of harassment and bullying on Reddit’s LiveStreamFail shouldn’t be allowed. 

“I’ve been harassed and bullied by them for years by thousands of people,” indiefoxx tweeted. “This is the most disgusting, toxic place on the internet for streamers.” 

The response to indiefoxx’s tweet was anything but pleasant. Many followers tweeted back that she shouldn’t break Twitch’s terms of service if she didn’t want to be memed. Some replied that indiefoxx deserved the comments. But others noted that while they can see why Twitch doesn’t allow her content, it doesn’t give people the right to harass her. 

In January, indiefoxx received a three-day ban for wearing a revealing bikini while lounging in a hot tub. At first it seemed like Twitch was ignoring the incident until a clip commenting on her “see-through” attire started to cause drama around the streaming community. Immediately after she returned from the ban, indiefoxx lounged on her bed in only lingerie. She was promptly removed once again despite having done this kind of content in the past. 

In response, indiefoxx has decided to stream on her OnlyFans where her revealing content is very much allowed. She tweeted earlier that she would be talking about the “tea” on her paid account. 

indiefoxx hasn’t publicly stated when she will be back on Twitch. It’s unclear how long her ban is for this time around. 


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