How did Amouranth become such a popular streamer on Twitch?

By Olivia Richman


Jul 17, 2020

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Whenever Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is in the news, it’s typically about a wardrobe malfunction, her being banned, or her gaining a record number of Twitch followers and subscribers. But a lot of people are left wondering: What does Amouranth actually do to be so popular in the first place?

Based out of Houston, Texas, Amouranth got her start as a self-taught costume designer in 2010. She even worked for the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet in their costume departments.

With a love of Pokemon and Disney, Amouranth decided to combine her interests with her passion for costume design and began attending conventions. She has appeared as a cosplay guest at Wizard World, Stan Lee’s ComicCon, and ComicPalooza. She also created a character company for children’s entertainment in 2015, called A Charmed Affair, which got her a lot of television exposure.

Amouranth Charmed Affair

What does Amouranth do on Twitch?

What most people know Amouranth for these days is her presence on Twitch. She currently has over 9,400 active subscribers, with a little over 8,000 of them in the tier 1 category. She has 1.6 million followers and gets an average of 3,000 concurrent viewers per stream. This has put Amouranth in the top 400 most popular streamers on Twitch.

Amouranth’s most used categories on the streaming platform are “Just Chatting” and “ASMR,” though she’ll sometimes break out a video game as well. Her most played video game is Just Dance 2018, which she will play if she reaches subscription or donation goals.

Amouranth streaming info

While the “Just Chatting” category isn’t particularly controversial on its own, Amouranth has received some criticism over the years for using her sex appeal to gain new viewers and entice donations. This includes wearing revealing clothing or appearing to purposely move in certain ways that show off more skin.

Some of this criticism may be a result of the feeling that Amouranth hasn’t always been upfront with her intentions. But the popular streamer has recently made it quite clear where she gets most of her actual income.

How does Amouranth make money?

Aside from her Twitch subscribers, Amouranth has started utilizing other platforms with subscribers to make even more money off of her looks and personality. And she isn’t shy about it.

Amouranth has a premium SnapChat that offers explicit content to fans. She will often advertise it on her Twitch, telling subscribers that they will get access to the account’s photos and videos.

Amouranth currently has a YouTube dedicated to her ASMR endeavors, which she promotes on Twitter quite often. Amouranth also uses Twitter to share posts about her Instagram, which has 2.4 million followers. This account is dedicated to photos of her in sexy cosplays and other outfits.

Amouranth also has a Patreon with 839 monthly subscribers. The cheapest membership tier is $20, which offers access to her “dirty” SnapChat and private Discord channel. The $100 monthly subscription gets fans five “sexy NSFW uncovered full length videos” every month, as well as ASMR videos and daily sexy pictures.

This adult content has long been something the Twitch community has debated about Amouranth. It’s given her the nickname “Twitch hot,” meaning she solely exists on Twitch to get attention for her looks and not her broadcasting talents or video game skills. Some have even suggested that she would do better to just join a cam site and stay off of Twitch entirely.

Of course, while Twitch started off as a platform for gamers, it’s recently been used by a broad variety of industries for more than just video game content.

Why does Amouranth get banned?

Despite ongoing criticism of Amouranth’s Twitch content, the streaming platform has seemed to favor her over the past few years. After fully exposing her genitals while playing with her dog on the floor, Twitch left her account untouched for 12 hours. She was later given a three-day ban that actually made her even more popular.

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Amouranth has also been banned multiple times for filming in public places. One time a gym owner even asked her to stop filming after a few patrons allegedly told him that they were uncomfortable with her recording in the room. While continuing her “stretching,” Amouranth even tried telling them them that she didn’t actually have a camera with her, which she clearly did.

When she didn’t listen, multiple employees came over to warn her about her cameras once again while she was streaming. In the end, an employee told her she had to shut off the camera or they’d call the police. Amouranth then announced that she was just going to leave.

While her antics have continuously frustrated her haters, it definitely hasn’t stopped her from getting more popular over the past few years. Amouranth has continued to be one of Twitch’s best-known female streamers. In fact, even her haters can’t get enough. Any time she comes into the spotlight, people can’t seem to help but watch her latest antics and talk about her.

Why was Amouranth banned from twitch the third time?


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