Body painter lashes out at Twitch after indefinite ban

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Twitch streamer “DelightfullyDani” has been banned from Twitch indefinitely after the streaming platform claimed she had broken community guidelines with inappropriate body art. 

DelightfullyDani has posted the email Twitch sent her after issuing her a guideline strike and a permanent ban where Twitch claims that she violated their nudity and attire guideline. spoke with DelightfullyDani, who claims that she complied with all of the guidelines.

“I started [the stream] like I always do to follow the TOS. Putting on artist grade nipple pasties, two layers of latex to ensure the pasty is secure and edges are flattened and giving extra coverage. Then I went in with a full coat of full coverage paint on my entire breast area before beginning my stream on twitch,” DelightfullyDani said. “So by the time I was on camera I was perfectly within TOS.”

Twitch inconsistent in its suspension and ban practices

Twitch considers body art an exception to the nudity and attire rule, but dictates how streamers should conduct themselves when broadcasting such a stream. Twitch’s policy says “those who present as women must completely cover their nipples & areola with a layer of non-transparent clothing or a paint & latex combination (artist-grade pasties, tape, latex or similar alternatives are acceptable). This coverage must be applied before streaming begins, not on-stream.” Those who violate Twitch’s policies risk a suspension or ban.

Streamers must also be actively engaged in body painting. DelightfullyDani rebutted this being an issue.

“I am super careful to go off cam on a brb screen while eating or drinking, or anything that requires putting my paint brush down.” 

Twitch has been under fire recently for their inconsistency in banning policies. Twitch partner and Instagram model MissBehavin received only a three-day ban after showing far more explicit content.’s requests to Twitch for comment on the situation went unanswered.