The complete guide to playing Breach in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 4, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Breach entered the highly disciplined Valorant protocol with a lengthy rap sheet, but he’s too much fun not to like. His powerful kit adds to the long list of reasons players pick the Initiator in Valorant, and this Breach guide will help you find success.

Not all Initiators are so fast-paced, making them less attractive for players who love to be out in the line of fire. Breach’s well-engineered kit packs a powerful punch, which helps him push in on his own. Hybrid players may find it easy to adjust to his play style due to ample flashes that create easy kill opportunities. On smaller maps, Breach becomes a menace thanks to his drill that deals heavy damage. 

How to play Breach in Valorant

Breach in Valorant

The ruthless Initiator is equipped with Aftershock, Flashpoint, Faultline, and Rolling Thunder. His abilities shock and tenderize enemies and are primarily used to clear entry points for a more aggressive duelist. Thanks to Aftershock, Breach is completely capable of breaking open a site on his own. But some backup will help him lock up the win. 

Aftershock (C)

Use Breach’s Aftershock to lock down a small area when trying to break into the site. For example, Bind’s lamps, Icebox’s maze, and Fracture’s drop. The death-dealing burst does 60 damage per tick, and three shocks can efficiently finish off sneaky enemies. It also works at long range, but make sure you’re aiming at a solid surface. Once the circle turns yellow, shoot the burst to keep opponents away.

On defense, it’s the perfect tool to force attackers towards another site. Or at least buy enough time to allow your teammates to rotate. Don’t fire the fusion randomly on defense. Instead, wait for a sound cue to load up the machine. 

Flashpoint (Q)

Breach has one of the deadliest flashes in Valorant that lasts for two seconds. On smaller maps, the agent can blind enemies at close range, getting multiple kills at once. For 250 creds, Breach’s potent Flashpoint is undoubtedly a steal. 

Like most of his abilities, Flashpoint works when there’s an object to aim at. You may also flash through smokes, barriers, and even walls. To best use Flashpoint, stand close to a wall and listen for a footstep. Press Q when multiple enemies are nearby and shoot them when they’re blinded. Make sure you call for it, as Breach’s flash is very capable of blinding teammates due to its short range. 

Faultline (E)

Faultline is likely the most helpful ability in Breach’s kit. The shock wave stuns enemies for 3.5 seconds and is provided for free. It recharges after 40 seconds. 

You don’t have to expose yourself to use the stun. Stand behind objects and walls to find the closest angle from the area you want stunned. The ability will go through these barriers. Keep pressing your Faultline key while aiming at the angle you wish to stun. Watch for the red bar on your radar and release the key once the line is fully loaded. 

This power is most useful in clogged but elongated alleys. Examples include Bind’s B long, Icebox’s Green, and Fracture’s B main. You may request your teammates to peek when you’re using Faultline. The enemies will be stunned and utterly vulnerable against your peeking teammates. 

How to use Breach’s ult


Breach’s ult works best in open areas so that you can easily pick off stunned enemies. Always pair Rolling Thunder with an Initiator’s watcher ability so that you can time it perfectly. It’s best to use his ult when the watcher exposes more than one enemy. It has a large radius, so it can stun as many as ten individuals at once. 

Stand at a safe angle and prepare your ult. Upon first intel, start the Rolling Thunder and push forward to finish off stunned opponents. This is the ideal way to use it on defense. On the attack, it works best around planting the Spike. Rolling Thunder will delay enemies and create opportunities to add kills to the scoreboard.