Valorant glitch makes Breach’s ultimate launch his enemies away

By Olivia Richman


Feb 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Valorant community has experienced a lot of game-breaking bugs in the game of late. But the latest glitch discovered by players was a bit more on the comedic side. 

A Valorant player shared a clip from his recent match that showed Breach’s ultimate leading to some unintended hilarity. While watching Ascent’s A site, the player managed to eliminate two opponents that had attempted to push the site. He continued to guard the site until the enemy team’s Breach used his ultimate, Rolling Thunder. 

Breach’s ultimate stuns opposing agents, knocking them upward. But this was a bit extreme. After Breach released Rolling Thunder, the player flew into the air. The player was so high up, in fact, that they could see the entirety of the map. 

“What the fuck!” he exclaimed, laughing with amusement and shock. 

Valorant bug

He was off his feet alright. 

Despite being so caught off guard, the player recovered quickly. He even was able to kill the two remaining enemies on the opposing team, scoring a victory for his squad. 

Even though the glitch was amusing, Reddit users couldn’t help but notice the strange actions of the enemy team’s Reyna after the ultimate launch. Once the player was able to land on the ground again, he hunted down the remaining enemies. One was a Reyna who suddenly jumped into his view, spraying wildly in front of her with no specific target seemingly in mind. 

Breach ultimate glitch sends players flying

For the time being it’s unclear what caused the player to fly crazily into the sky. Players are not sure if it can be recreated or how to recreate it if it’s possible. 

While not game-breaking like many of the Omen bugs that plague Valorant, this strange mishap could spell some trouble if it can be performed consistently. Being launched so high can give players an unfair advantage once they see the location of all the remaining enemies on the map. On the other hand, the fall damage could end up eliminating them. 


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