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The ultimate Valorant agent tier list for Episode 5

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 27, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The latest Valorant episode has plenty of strong agents, which may create a paradox of choice for the players. This ultimate tier list would help you pick the best agent for Episode 5 in each category. 

Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 is fast-paced, with 19 agents spread across four categories. In theory, no agent is unviable, as Riot has carefully curated kits that are situationally viable. However, some agents have proven to be more impactful on the field. For example, out of the six duelists, some are just better than the others. 

Our ultimate Valorant agent tier list for Episode 5 will filter the pick of the bunch. Here is how each agent fared on our list: 

Valorant agent tier list for Episode 5

S TierJett, Chamber, Raze
A TierFade, Breach, Omen, Kay/O, Viper
B TierSage, Skye, Sova, Killjoy, Reyna
C TierCypher, Neon, Yoru, Pheonix, Astra, Brimstone

This Valorant agent tier list for Episode 5 should help you to make the best picks for your games. As Riot developers introduce new agents, the game becomes more challenging. With good aim, even C Tier agents may net you a win, but some agents just excel at shutting down the opponents with their inherent powers. This list is based on the value of each character’s toolkit. 

C Tier – Cypher, Neon, Yoru, Pheonix, Astra, Brimstone


The C tier is packed with duelists that fell through after ruling the meta briefly. Phoenix and Yoru’s kits still have potential but could use some polishing. Neon had a smashing release, but she’s struggling to have a greater impact now. Pearl may push the electrifying duelist back to the fore, but there’s less hope for Yoru unless Riot further tinkers with his kit. 

Cypher is also in dire need of buffs. In a power-packed roster of Sentinels, the Moroccan spy looks off with his outdated gadgets. The same is true for Brimstone, as he’s powerful, but other Controllers overshadow his viability.

B Tier – Sage, Skye, Sova, Killjoy, Reyna

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Sage’s entire toolkit stands out in a herd of Sentinels ready to deal damage. Her irreplaceable revival has helped her to remain relevant despite the addition of exciting new characters. Sova and Reyna took a bit of a hit in recent patches. While the former may overpower Fade on some maps, Reyna’s position remains dubious on the agent roster.

Skye and Killjoy are viable on some maps, but other agents can efficiently replace them in others, making them less valuable overall.

A Tier – Fade, Breach, Omen, Kay/O, Viper

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Fade has efficiently bumped Sova to B-Tier by becoming the ultimate intel gatherer. Her creepy collection of beasts excels at keeping enemies at bay while clearing the area for site takeovers.

With their powerful flashes, Breach and Kay/O have promoted themselves, but blinds are not their sole forte. Both are favored for their ability to counter the enemy’s kits. For example, Breach makes Killjoy’s ult useless, whereas Kay/O shuts down Viper on large maps. 

Viper may be less viable with Kay/O on the enemy team, but smart usage makes her an absolute menace. Her smokes paired with Snake Bite are deadly, and her ultimate remains without peer. Omen is another top controller for his ability to gain map control and steal the Spike from under the enemy’s nose.

S Tier – Jett, Chamber, Raze

Valorant tier list episode 5

Chamber is the undisputed king of Valorant Episode 5. As Riot throws new agents into the mix, players are gravitating more towards hybrids or forcing an agent into a hybrid role. Chamber’s Sentinel-like Trademark and death-dealing golden guns make him a textbook case of a strong hybrid character. His versatility across most maps earns him a top spot on our Valorant agent tier list. 

Next comes Jett. The wind ranger saw a couple of nerfs but she remains a staple in most compositions. Raze is on the same beat. After a brief slump, the agent has returned to the meta with a bang. Players are still requesting buffs for her ultimate, but her grenades are great.