TenZ’s life-size Valorant Reaver Operator is incredible

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Could you imagine having your very own real-life Reaver Operator? Well, TenZ does, thanks to an incredibly talented fan. 

Valorant fans are creative; that’s no secret. They are always busy whipping a pistol skin out of scrap, creating a functioning turret, or sometimes a fully-fledged 3D Killjoy statue. Riot’s response to their artwork and effort is one reason that motivates them to make better art. The fist bump gun buddy, after all, is the ultimate holy grail.

But this one Valorant artist has already established a solid following with his realistic weapons with coveted skins worthy of top pro players. SaidaProps has now created a realistic Reaver Operator for the popular Valorant professional player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. 

The massive sniper rifle is in the red Reaver variant and even has a dragon breath animation. It’s unknown how Saidaprops added the lifelike light effect. The weapon likely has a button somewhere on the build that results in a glowing Reaver Operator. 

The size of the gun is also perfect for if Valorant OP existed in real life. It’s massive, just as tall as TenZ. The picture of TenZ holding the Operator has everyone wishing to get one for themselves, but creating a realistic Reaver OP is no easy feat. From sizing to painting the small details, a lot of work went into creating the perfect 3D Operator. 

How to double scope with Operator 

Make sure you’re zooming in correctly when you’re repping the OP on large maps. The double zoom not only helps in landing satisfying kills in the long range, but it can help you garner intel for your team. Here’s how you fully zoom in. 

  • Go to your Valorant settings
  • Go to Controls
  • Find the “Toggle zoom level” option 
  • Set it on any key closer to the fire button 
  • Press the scope-in (hold/toggle) key and then press the zoom key to double scope.