Valorant player brings a real functional Killjoy turret to life

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Killjoy is easily one of the most likable Valorant characters. A new fan-made turret shows the fanbase’s love for the genius of Germany. 

Valorant protocol is loaded with ferocious agents with dark stories and lore. The squad would have been a little dreary if it weren’t for Raze and Killjoy’s upbeat voice lines. This new functional turret in real life is proof of players’ adoration for Killjoy, one of the more upbeat agents in Valorant. 

Killjoy may seem friendly, but she’s fierce and deadly. The agent is equipped with cute nano swarms capable of finishing off even healthy opponents. Her alarm bot and turret abilities make it impossible for enemies to enter a defended site. As if opposing players weren’t already annoyed with Killjoy’s turret, this fan has brought it to life into a fully functional version. 

The turret is easily one of the most annoying abilities in Valorant, but this player seems to like it a lot. Vinnie Satriale has developed a robot that shoots tennis balls at passing objects. It’s the worst nightmare of any entry player in Valorant since Vinnie’s turret has a built-in ability to inspect what it comes across. The robot spots humans and fires tiny balls at them, albeit at a limited distance. 

Vinnie’s turret is built precisely like Killjoy’s robot. The colors vary slightly, but the design is an exact copy of Killjoy’s version. A transparent ball container on the top is also a nice touch as it shows how many shots are left in the robot. It’s actually a pretty helpful robot to have around, as displayed by Vinnie himself in a creative video. 

Real-life Killjoy turret is the perfect alarm bot 

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The creator posted a hilarious video explaining that this turret may not come in handy during a war, but it sure helps fix your sleep schedule. In Vinnie’s video, the bot can be seen spotting a player asleep on the bed as soon as the lights turn on. The turret starts launching its tiny balls at the person until they gets out of bed. The range is also enough to cover sleepy inhabitants in a larger room. Auto-aim makes it tough to dodge the turret, ensuring that it fully impacts its lazy targets.

Vinnie’s creation has received an overwhelming response from the Valorant community. While some called it a “cursed” robot since it’s so powerful and potentially annoying, others recommended that he sell it online. Whatever the ultimate goal, Valorant agents are surely bringing the best out in creative players.