A talented Valorant player created a realistic 3D Killjoy statue

Fariha Bhatti • July 30, 2021 9:43 pm

This 3D statue is the closest you’ll come to see the real Killjoy in her natural habitat. 

Bubbly Sentinel Killjoy quickly became the primary agent of many players after entering Valorant protocol. Her mechanical turrets, twin swarms, and deadly Lockdown qualify her to be one of the most powerful agents in Valorant. Besides these qualities, Killjoy has an upbeat aura that one artist has successfully captured in a 3D statue.

Her viable kit coupled with her vivacious personality has made Killjoy one of the fan-favourite characters in Valorant. Killjoy is the ideal mix of a death-dealing and team intelligentsia, which has earned her top spot on the list of most consistently picked agents. One Valorant player has been compelled to express their adoration through creating a statue of the genius of Germany. 

Jsalmighty posted a short clip of a realistic Killjoy perched on her trademark turret, quite similar to her look on the agent select screen. From the signature yellow jacket, Riot-branded shoes, and a green beanie, the 3D Killjoy is the spitting image of Riot Games’ virtual agent. The designer also managed to copy the facial feature of Killjoy, adding the touch of her bushy eyebrows behind her iconic round glasses. 

The designer has used advanced materials to finish this impeccable statue. They shared that they’ve created realistic body parts with a 3D printer and acrylic paint has been used to add weathering effects to the look. The designer has also employed magnets instead of screws at some points to achieve better results. 

There’s no doubt the designer has captured the true Killjoy persona perfectly. From her outfit’s accessories to her high-tech equipment, not a single detail has been missed. Valorant players are in awe of this Killjoy statue and have requested similar artwork for other agents. Many Killjoy players offered to buy replicas, but unfortunately, Jsalmighty’s 3D artwork isn’t up for sale. 

What’s Killjoy’s role in Valorant? 

Killjoy joined Valorant protocol on August 4 with Act II of Episode 1: Ignition. Agent 12 joined the roster as a mighty Sentinel introducing many abilities that no other agent in Valorant had. Her role is to watch flanks, protect her teammates, and try to stay alive until the very end to better support her squad. Valorant currently has only three Sentinels, and Killjoy has managed to keep on top of tehgame in this small category. 


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