Spin Master launches line of League of Legends figurines

By Nicholas James


Oct 13, 2021

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Toy manufacturer Spin Master is partnering with Riot Games to create a line of figurines based on League of Legends characters. The first line will feature champions including Zed, Darius, Thresh, and a slew of others from Piltover and Zaun.

The Champion Collection is a series of individual and package-deal figurines depicting some of League of Legends’ most iconic characters. While Darius, Zed, and Thresh make an apperance, the bulk of the figures focus on Piltover and Zaun ahead of Riot’s animate series Arcane.

Arcane-based LoL figurines coming from Spin Master

Riot has ventured into the world of figurine production before, with a line of official figures currently available on the official merch store. Spin Master is the latest collaboration outside of the studio. The figurines come in six-inch and four-inch sizes, with Heimerdinger coming in slightly smaller, all of the miniatures are pre-painted.

The two individual four-inch figures, Darius and Jinx, come in at $9.99. A six-inch figure of Thresh or Zed costs $19.99. Finally, the Dual Cities Pack, a collection of four-inch figures of Jinx, Caitlyn, Vi, Ekko, and Heimerdinger costs $49.99.

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The Dual Cities Pack adds to the veracity of the rumors of a visual rework for Caitlyn following her addition to Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, and an upcoming appearance in Arcane. Caitlyn’s new look features a more pronounced Piltover aesthetic, with fancy gadgetry added for flair.

Heimerdinger also appears directly inspired by his appearance in Arcane, rather than his traditional in-game appearance. Riot Games is releasing a deluge of events, promotional material, and merchandise heading into Arcane’s launch on November 6. This is part of a larger push to establish League of Legends as a multimedia franchise rather than just a video game series.

The figures are now available at select retailers worldwide.


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