Wild Rift Patch 2.5 adds Veigar, Caitlyn, Jayce, more

By Nicholas James


Oct 13, 2021

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Riot Games continue to invest in its mobile expansion of League of Legends, Wild Rift. Caitlyn, Jayce, and Veigar all enter the fray in its latest patch.

Changes to Rift Herald, a new guild system with PvP competition, oupdates to Wild Pass, new skins, and matchmaking tweaks mean plenty of change is on the way with patch 2.5.

Riot released a preview of its upcoming patch 2.5 for on YouTube, outlining the key features coming to Wild Rift over the patch’s duration. The big news is the arrival of three of League of Legends’ most iconic champions: Caitlyn, Jayce, and Veigar. Caitlyn and Jayce both have involvement in the animated Arcane series, so their arrival is unsurprising.

Caitlyn maintains her identity as a long-range bully in the dragon lane, able to set up defensive zones and snipe opponents down from range. Caitlyn’s addition means tough times ahead for short-range AD carries and melee supports alike.

Jayce brings his stance-swapping strengths to the Baron lane, sure to continue dropping the brutality of 6 basic spells on his opponents. Veigar promises to one-shotting squishy enemies from minute one, his simple kit has aged excellently and slots right into Wild Rift’s gameplay. All three will be released over the course of patch 2.5.

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Guilds are meant to bring the fun of alliances from MMORPGs to Wild Rift. Guilds allow players to band up with friends and teammates to mark accomplishments and milestones.

Guilds also bring with them the “GvG” mode, focusing on inter-guild conflict. At the beginning of the GvG mode, guild members are assigned “armed” or “unarmed.” As soon as an armed guild member plays a game with an unarmed member, that member becomes armed. The side with the most armed members gets points.

Teams that fall behind in GvG will be able to sabotage the enemy team to gain points back mid-week. Along with announcing upcoming matchmaking changes, a bevy of new skins is hitting the live servers this patch. The headliners are the Dragonmancer skins also being released in League of Legends in the near future.

Further details about many of the upcoming features remain vague and will be fleshed out as the patch rolls out.


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