Riot explains how losing a Valorant game can still help rank up

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Losing in Valorant doesn’t mean you have wasted 30 minutes on the game. According to the developer, the system is constantly tallying MMR — even when you lose.

Valorant is getting more challenging with each episode, but the developer continues to tweak the RR system to reward the players. Understanding how MMR and RR work in Valorant can help you rank up quicker because winning isn’t all there is to Riot’s shooter. Losing smartly is also getting you closer to your desired rank, devs noted.

In a new episode of Rank Fact Friday, EvrMoar has revealed how losing in Valorant isn’t a complete waste of time. 

How to rank up even after losing in Valorant


Understanding encounter MMR is the key to ranking up quickly in Valorant. In Episode 6, winning or losing takes precedence when gaining bonus RR, but you can deal with less loss after losing if you manage your ECS. Here’s how. 

Rank Rating (RR) mirrors your MMR. So if your MMR is decent, you’ll see a boost in your RR won after each game. The deduction would be less as well. All of this depends on your MMR, which is composed of Win/Loss MMR and Encounter MMR. Both of them combined create your overall ELO. 

Riot considers Win/Loss MMR at higher ranks while rewarding your deducting RR. In contrast, low-ranked players are rewarded RR based on their Encounter MMR or how they performed individually throughout the game. So, if you are at a lower rank, do anything, but keep your personal performance at its peak. 

“Especially in lower ranks where Encounter MMR is weighted higher, if you have a great game where you are winning your duels, helping take the site, and having an impact by using your abilities, you can raise your Encounter MMR more than the Win/Loss MMR reduction from losing,” EvrMoar said

So, if you were a good sport, planted the Spike, dealt damage, and were a team player, you should experience an MMR gain even after losing. Eventually, the system will grant you a higher RR upon winning, mirroring your stacked MMR. If you have been gaining less RR even after winning, it’s likely because your net MMR is low. The key to boosting it is by improving your ECS even when you lose. 

This simple practice can help you achieve your desired rank. This way, you’ll be working towards a higher rank even when you lose. So, if you’re under Diamond or Platinum, avoid throwing games and taking save/eco rounds lightly. Every single duel counts.

What is Encounter MMR in Valorant?  

Encounter MMR is what comes into play after Win/Loss MMR. It’s the ELO that you garner by getting assists, using abilities, and winning valuable duels. If your Encounter MMR is good, the chances of your de-ranking quickly become low.