Valorant devs explain how rank points work

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has implied that there is a transparent ranking system, but players still find it confusing when they score fewer points upon losing. A developer has finally clarified how Valorant calculates rank rating. 

Ranking up in Valorant is no easy feat. The skill ceiling continues to go up as the game gets older, making ranking even more challenging. However, the developer has made it clear why players often score less RR compared to other games. 

Players often complain about scoring low RR upon losing and less on winning games. This isn’t a bug. RR system of Valorant is well-balanced and can sometimes act up depending on player performance. In a recent post, senior competitive designer EvrMoar simplified the RR process that may cause low point gain. 

According to the developer, point gain and loss depends on four things: 

  • Winning or losing 
  • Round difference
  • Individual performance
  • Performance compared to MMR average 

The system deducts a chunk of ELO depending on whether you lose or win the game. How much it removes depends on the round difference.

For example, if you lose 11-13, the system will minus out comparatively a less ELO. If the round disparity is high, you might lose extra points. More points are deducted if your individual performance is poor. It would help if you kept a positive K/D ratio even when you’re losing the game. Suppose you perform exceptionally well and win a game. You’ll gain more points because you performed better than your average. 

How to rank up quicker in Valorant 

All of these points impact how much ELO you lose or gain. So next time you observe a heavy RR loss upon losing, it’s not the system’s fault. Individual performance, round difference, and other factors are important even when you’re not winning. A key to stacking up a high MMR is performing well despite losing or winning in Valorant. 

Consequently, losing in Valorant won’t matter much if you ensure that your MMR remains high. Do this by maintaining an excellent K/D ratio and a more negligible round difference. You’ll automatically gain more upon winning, making it easier for you to climb ranks in Valorant.