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Ranking up in Valorant Episode 6 will be easier, but only if you’re good

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant developer is changing the rank ladder progress, helping deserving players to gain more Rank Rating (RR). 

Whoever said Riot is purposefully squeezing players into low-rank queues was wrong. Instead, the Valorant developer is keen on streamlining the ladder by removing stringent rank-up requirements. So, in Episode 6, skilled players should find it much easier to get their desired rank badge without teammates hindering their progress. 

Previously, ranking up in Valorant was a tall order, but not everything was under a player’s control. Many factors contributed to how much RR you gain after each win. For example, dropping 30 bomb was not enough if your team won by one round. This will change in Episode 6. 

Valorant developer explains how to rank up quicker in Episode 6 

Valorant map ascent

Patch 6.0 has tweaked a small rank-up rule, making a massive change to how the ladder works. Players will have more control over their RR gains. So, you no longer have to wonder why you got 10 RR on one map and 20 on the other. 

Before Episode 6, players had to ensure that the round disparity was significant in order to win more RR. Winning mattered, but margin took the front seat. This held a lot of players back from getting their deserved rank badge. Now, Riot has announced that RR gains will depend more on winning and individual performance.

“Players experience too wide of RR gains/losses from match to match based on the round differential (one win could give 12RR, and the next win could give 20RR). So we are making this change to reduce that swing of RR in gains and losses,” Riot said. 

Meaning if you got 20 or 12RR before episode 6 for winning a game with a 13-5 scoreline, you should get the same RR now for winning, despite the scoreline. Ultimately, you’ll be getting a bonus RR after every win, at least compared to the last act, leading to a smooth rank-up. A new change focusing more on individual performance will add to the quick rank-up. 

Riot has clarified that those below their MMR will get rewarded more, and those above the MMR will get a lighter RR loss upon losing. This way, not only will players rank up quicker, but solid stability in Valorant ranking will materialize in episode 6. 

However, round disparity’s contribution to RR hasn’t entirely been removed. This prevents players from throwing the game after losing the initial rounds. But, the impact of high disparity will be less on the overall RR gain. 

All of these changes are aimed at granting players their desired and deserving ranks. So, while Episode 6 will be a tough nut to crack, thanks to a cut-throat map pool, at least RR changes will make it less of a headache.