Riot announces “RiotX Arcane” event with in-game rewards, more

Nicholas James • November 1, 2021 12:56 pm

Riot Games is pulling out all the stops when it comes to hyping up its new animated series, Arcane, which debuts on Netflix on November 6. The newly announced RiotX Arcane event will touch every single one of Riot Games’ properties, from Valorant to Teamfight Tactics, with in-game events, rewards, and more.

In the week leading up to Arcane’s release, Riot’s publicity efforts have become hard to ignore for anyone on the internet. From PUBG Mobile to a rumored Fortnite collaboration, Riot is bringing out the big guns to announce Arcane’s arrival to the wider world of gaming. Riot took to Twitter to announce a massive month-long event across all of its games.

RiotX Arcane launches with browser-based game

Alongside the video that announces the RiotX Arcane event, there’s the option to explore Piltover in a new unique event that allows players to walk through and interact with the magical world of Runeterra.

In the event, the player awakens suddenly in Piltover and is discovered by Caitlyn. From there, they speak to Heimerdinger and other in-world characters. Traveling around the city, players can discover the mysterious reason for their arrival and take part in both puzzles and minigames. Players with Amazon Prime will be able to claim free prizes if they keep their eyes peeled for small details in the gorgeous scrollable map Riot has provided.

While only part of the event is currently playable, it will be continually updated in the days leading towards the Worlds 2021 finals. Arcane’s first act of three episodes will launch the same day at 7 pm PT on Netflix. Arcane’s nine-episode run time is split evenly across three acts and each will be released a week apart on November 6, 13, and 20, respectively. In the meantime, fans of Runeterra will have no shortage of in-game goodies to acquire while they wait for the highly anticipated series to launch on Saturday.


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