RGX 11z Pro

RGX 11z Pro returns to Valorant in a new, upgraded bundle

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 24, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Players should prepare their wallets for the upcoming Valorant market rotation. Fan-favorite skin line RGX 11z Pro bundle is returning with the RGX 11z Pro 2, and it’s even better than before. 

It’s tricky to satisfy the demands of Valorant fans who like flashy colors and animations for their skins. Riot Games has been criticized many times for releasing minimal collections without special effects. Fans are pretty clear about what they like, and the developer may have decided to give them exactly that. 

Patch 3.07 brought RGX 11z Pro, which was a hit among players for its trailblazing tech, unique design, and satisfying sound effects. The second run for the skin line will likely be just as popular. 

RGX 11z Pro 2 is coming to Valorant 

While players loved the bundle for its crystalline style, showcasing the bullets being fed into the gun, it’s the kill counter that made it a massive hit. Riot Games introduced the StatTrak-like feature for the first time in Valorant through RGX 11z Pro. The guns keep a tally of how many kills players have racked up with that skin equipped in each round. 

All Valorant skins have either a theme or backstory. The developer has also tied in Valorant’s sister game, League of Legends, with the Ruination and Sentinels of Light collections. The RGX line deviates from that by being a unique offering.

RGX 11Z Pro 2 contains everything players have been asking for and should be a major hit. 

The new variant includes a brand new butterfly knife. The previous bundle had a katana, but players may grab the new melee since there are only two other butterfly knives in Valorant so far. It’s a highly popular look, which may add to the value to the new collection.

The RGX 11z Pro 2 will be available for:

  • Phantom 
  • Operator
  • Spectre
  • Classic
  • Butterfly Knife Melee

All skins have five upgrade levels instead of the usual four. However, the butterfly knife can only be upgraded to level two. The guns are available in blue, red, green, and grey color variants.

RGX 11z Pro 2 bundle release date 

The new bundle will be released on April 26, along with Valorant Episode 4, Act 3 Battle Pass and the new agent Fade. It will not be a part of the battle pass and must be purchased separately for 8,700 Valorant points. Each gun will cost 2,175 VP, whereas melee comes at 4,350 VP.