New Valorant agent Fade unveiled at VCT Masters Reykjavik

By Steven Rondina


Apr 24, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

At long last, new Valorant agent Fade has been officially revealed by Riot Games.

Riot Games gave Valorant fans a special treat ahead of the VCT Masters Reykjavik finals between OpTic Gaming and LOUD. As part of the festivities, Riot Games officially revealed Valorant’s 20th agent, Fade.

A new trailer was shown to give players a better look at what the new agent will have to offer on the server. It also helped to wrap up some of the loose ends regarding the intense teasers that were made for Fade. 

The trailer shows Fade ensnaring the entire strike team sent to apprehend her, with each of them getting trapped in a nightmare. Each is different and meant to prey upon the fears of the agent.

Fade had a relatively intense buildup compared to other Valorant agents. Every new agent is presented as a big deal, but Fade was made to look particularly fearsome. Not only were her in-game abilities teased, but she actually led the Valorant Protocol on a chase around the globe that saw her get the better of each opposing agent in direct conflict. This included ominous videos showing that she had captured Breach and Cypher, with the trailer showing that she had gotten the better of Sova, Neon, and Chamber as well.

Though that conflict was seemingly intense, the two sides have since mended fences. For the time being, at least.

Fade’s abilities revealed in Valorant

Fade’s signature ability is Haunt, an ability where she throws an eyeball that spots enemies. Spotted enemies are revealed and leave behind a trail that can be followed by Fade and her teammates.

Accentuating this trail effect is Fade’s Prowler ability. Prowlers are somewhat similar to Skye’s animal friends, but with a spooky twist. Prowlers are thrown by Fade and will chase after an enemy or follow any trail left behind by a player debuffed by Haunt. Enemies hit by the Prowler are afflicted with near-sightedness for three seconds.

Seize is Fade’s more conventional CC option, and it’s unique to Valorant’s 20th agent. Fade tosses an orb that detonates in an AOE and tethers any enemies within to the epicenter of the blast, limiting their range of movement and dealing damage.

Fade’s ultimate ability is Nightfall. This sends out a wave AOE debuff that damages and applies the trail and deaf debuffs to any enemies hit.