Valorant rank variance

Valorant rank variance might be why you can’t escape Silver in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 24, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant matchmaking and rank rating can be confusing for green players, but if there’s one thing you should boost, it’s your rank variance. 

Riot Games uses MMR (matchmaking rating) to create a pool of similarly skilled players who can compete with one another. But how do rank-ups happen if all players within the same MMR continue locking horns with each other? Rank variance decides the pace with which each Valorant player climbs the ladder. It can be awfully slow, or you may get double rank-ups. It all depends on your variance. 

So, what really is variance and why do you need it to be high? 

What is rank variance in Valorant? 

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In EvrMoar’s words, rank variance is how confident Riot is in your MMR.

If a player surprises Riot with a unique, better performance, it takes them a wee bit away from the MMR pool. The difference ultimately shakes the system, making it slightly unsure about the skill level of the said player. This is what’s called high variance. As you keep beating your previous best, the system takes note. A difference in your personal AD and RR creates a high variance, making Riot unsure if it put you in the correct rank. 

This uncertainty prompts the system to reward you with more RR, ultimately resulting in a consistent climb. Ultimately, just winning isn’t enough to rank up. It would be best if you also had high rank variance in order to confuse the system. 

How to boost rank variance in Valorant

Rank variance sees a boost when you break your own personal records. According to EvrMoar, variance shrinks when you perform as expected mathematically, where your MMR is at currently. So, surprising the system is crucial to boosting that rank variance. 

“If you want to climb, you need to improve, win games (just win more ROFL), and actually get better than those around your MMR,” EvrMoar said. 

For example, if you generally post a maximum of 15 kills in a ranked game, try achieving 20. Focusing on utility, team play, and communication may also help you perform better and increase your rank’s variance.